discussion dissertation process

The Premise is a one-page document, which you will complete in this class. The Prospectus is a 4-6-page document that you will draft in this class and finalize under the supervision of your doctoral committee. The third document, the Proposal, is a long and detailed account of your dissertation topic and research methods, which is prepared under the supervision of your committee and typically takes over a year to complete. Students with full-time work and family responsibilities tend to take longer.
The full dissertation process, including preparation of these three documents, and the collection and analysis of your data, and the preparation of your final dissertation, typically takes at least two years.
Post an analysis of the content of the Premise, the Prospectus and the Proposal, and the relationships between them. Pay particular attention to how the Premise leads to the Prospectus, which leads to the Proposal. After this, consider how long it might realistically take you to complete each document.
Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources.

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