discussion cyberlaw b 3

Complete the following two steps:
A. On the discussion forum, please describe why it should be easy to expose the true identities of online trolls and cyberbullies. Are there any laws that provide for the public exposure of the true identities of online trolls and cyberbullies? Please cite two government statutes that allow for the exposure of the true identifies of online trolls and cyberbullies. Are these laws effective? Minimum 250 words.
Reply 1:-
Thereâ€s a level of social safety that comes with anonymity, and that can be genuinely important for introverts in online communities. For celebrities it can be tiresome to have paparazzi everywhere and no room for being alone. Youâ€d be surprised how many well-known personalities use social sites like Reddit and 4chan secretly, cherishing that small bit of privacy and quiet. Thereâ€s one other major category of people who benefit from anonymity those who need more information on a given topic but donâ€t want to be caught seeking out that information. Most people actually fall into this group without realizing it (Feigenbaum, & Ford, 2015).
Dangers of the Internet can be categorized into following 5 types.
1) Cyber bullying
Cyber bullies send annoying and insulting messages to a person, spread lies about them and posts frightful remarks on informal communities making the harassed unfit to confront the general public (Waldman, 2016).
2) Online Predators
The danger of cyber predators is very inherent on internet or gaming sites. Sexual harassment or abuse is very common where people stalk kids and take advantage of their innocence and make them indulge in illicit and dangerous behavior on and offline (Waldman, 2016).
3) Theft of personal information
Hacking personal account and stealing social and financial information
4) Pornography and other inappropriate content
An accidental click on these links can take them on a trip to the filthy and grotesque world of pornography (Waldman, 2016).
5) Phishing
Tricking people into clicking malicious and dangerous links are called Phishing. Cybercriminals can use this technique to gather personal information about a person and later blackmailing them into doing something illegal or demand money from them (Waldman, 2016).
Reply 2:-
Being anonymous on the internet can help and protect the user and his identity from being shared with an external or a third party, during any interaction. Anonymity can exist at various levels. Below mentioned are few reasons for accessing the internet by being anonymous:
Secure Billing or purchasing: A user is allowed to purchase products or services online without revealing their personal information to the distributor. It helps the user from protecting their card details as these details are not stored (google.com, 2018).
Question & Answer Sites: It helps the users in asking questions they seek answers or provide answers to the questions asked by maintaining their anonymity.
Anonymous blogging and posting: It helps the users to blog and posts their views
Creates sense of security: Individuals tend to be more secure if they can be anonymous.
Promotes freedom of speech: Individuals at times feel safer in sharing their views when their identity is hidden. Anonymity can help in creating a more honest and open environment (google.com, 2018).
Anonymity does provide various ways to perform a malicious activity over the internet. Below mentioned are the few cons:
Enables Cyber Bullies: Anonymity lets individuals with malicious intent harass people (Johnson, 2010).
Established Misrepresentations: Creating fake profiles mainly based on a lie.
Degrades Transparency and Authenticity: Due to anonymity, authenticity of the online experience is reduced (Johnson, 2010).
Promotes Cybercrime: An anonymous person commits Cyber-crimes.
Reduces Effectiveness: Individuals often hide behind a mask of anonymity, and share their views, which reduces the effectiveness of their opinions and thoughts. To make oneâ€s opinions useful, individuals must establish an identity that is verifiable (Johnson, 2010).
Its a Discussion and two replies each of 150 words for above question

i need everything in separate documents as 1st document should be discussion of 250words. , 2nd document should be reply 1 and 3rd document should be reply 2.make sure no turnitin and no plagiarism please dont copy it from any source write in your own words.
make sure you write everything in own words
Please dont copy from any source we have a turnitin.
need references
And send me three documents in different folder.

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