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Initial discussion question: Why is operations management relevant to managers in other organization functions? Base your discussion on your experience of operations within your organization or an organization with which you are familiar. For example, talk with the operations manager in your organization and find out what he/she says, what he/she does, and how he/she works with the organization including the marketing, financial, personnel, and purchasing functions.

Please respond to this reply:
Operations management explores the way that an organization produces and distributes goods and services. This is the central activity in organizing. This is a systemic development and control of the process that transforms inputs into goods and services. Operations managers play a vital role in budgeting, controlling costs and keeping the organization financially on track. These managers play the leading role in managing both raw materials and personnel. They oversee inventory, purchasing and supplies.
I talked with our HR director and the operations manager and their main addition with operations would be hiring staff, overseeing assignments and planning staff development, budgeting, controlling costs and keeping the organization on track. A big part of the job is to help minimize costs of production. One key way to do this is to study business forecast, sales reports and financial statements in order to determine ways to maximize these results. One method they use is the cost-benefit analysis in order to improve efficiency. When talking with them, they really emphasized on communication being key in order to successfully maintain these operations.
Jacobs, F. R., & Chase, R. B. (2014). Operations and supply chain management (14th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education.
APA, at least one reference. 200 words.

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