discussion board 934

Activity Directions
For this forum, we will bring the discussion about water home to the United States. You will first read an article about the water shortage in Las Vegas, which discusses several factors that are compounding the problem along with some solutions. You will then compose a post and share it with your group.
Pre-Discussion Work
To begin this assignment, review the following resource, which is located in the reading section:

Bienkowski, B. (2013, November 22). Only Half of Drugs Removed by Sewage Treatment. Scientific American.

Read this article on the topic of drugs in wastewater. The entire topic of prescription drugs getting into surface water that may ultimately be a source of drinking water is a hot topic in environmental health. Sewage treatment plants at this point have no way to remove these drugs from their waste stream before being discharged.

Drafting Your Response
Next, prepare your forum post by creating a Google document. On your document, answer the following questions:

What, in your opinion, would the solution to this situation?
Why would you recommend such a solution?
What would be some challenges in implementing your solution?

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