discussion board 7 response to a classmate

Is faith a virtue? Why or why not? (complete after reading 6.3)

For all discussions, up to 8 points are awarded for your initial post and 2 points for a response to at least one classmate. I am grading your discussions by these 3 criteria:
Initial Post (approx. 300 word)

Evidence of critical thought
Evidence of a complete understanding of the relevant theories and concepts
Grammar, spelling and length

Responses to classmates (approx. 100 word)

Evidence of critical thought
Clear and cogent evaluation of the classmate’s post
Grammar, spelling and length

(For a more detailed explanation of how I grade each post and reply, see the “Discussion Grading Rubric” in the tab labeled “Grading Rubrics” on the left.)
Click the name of the forum above and to the left to get started.
On the next screen, Click on “+Thread” at the top to start your posting.

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