Discussion Board

1. Research problem solving techniques.
2. View Videos: ( See the link)
A. McDonald’s Employee Finance tips
B. Set C: two videos on Problem Solving
####### Discussion:
Identify the root cause for McDonald’s failed employee financial training tips
Discuss your approach to revise and revamp the program
Discuss an alternative that McDonald’s could use to benefit employees
Discuss the measures and outcome to evaluate your proposal for item b and c above.
## In separate file:
Also, I need 2 general comments about this topic from the videos above or the research problem solving techniques.
1-The assignment should be more than one pages.
2- The following format guidelines are suggested:
a- standard 1″ margins
b- single-spacing (text)
c- double-spacing between paragraphs
d- no paragraph indentation (left justified)
e- size 12 font, Times New Roman, black text
f- italicized or bold font for section headings
g- avoiding plagiarism.

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