Discussion board

One way to enhance public speaking skills is to watch and learn from skilled speakers. This week you’ll watch and critique a speech.
View the Speech
TED Talks are great examples of credible speakers highlighting important topics to large groups of people.
View the speech entitled “What if we eliminated one of the world’s oldest diseases?”
Complete the Discussion Board Critique
Now that you’ve viewed the speech, you’ll critique the content, organization, and visual aids used in the speech by answering the questions in a discussion board post.

What was the specific purpose and thesis statement of this speech? Were these sentences clearly stated by the speaker?
How did you feel about the organization of the content in this speech? What organizational pattern did the speaker follow for the main points?
Were the introduction and conclusion effective? Why or why not?
How did the speaker use visual aids to enhance the speech? Is there any way the use of visual aids could be improved?
Name at least one way the speaker could improve this speech.

Note: To earn full credit for this graded discussion, post at least three times. First, post your own thoughts. This post should be substantial (containing at least 150-200 words).

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