Discussion and Research Assignment

I will provide URL,Username and Password to whoever accepts assignment to log onto my campus. You will need use my University’s internal library to complete these two assignments. Please follow all instructions.
Unit 4 Discussion

Focusing Ideas: The Research Question
Choosing a well-focused topic is an important part of the writing process. For research papers, this is considered the “research question.” Complete the unit Reading before posting; this discussion will also help you focus your research for this week’s assignment.
For the initial post, provide the following:
In a short paragraph, explain your main idea (such as cybersecurity, network errors, website accessibility, etc.) and why it is of interest to you.
Under the paragraph, provide a bulleted list of at least four focused research questions that are related to this topic. Again, the unit Reading should provide some guidance.
In responses to others, provide additional research questions and ideas that your classmates might find useful in researching their topics.
Discussion parameters:
Write your initial post in your own words; do not quote or copy from sources.
Do not copy the discussion question into your post.
Write an original descriptive subject line for your initial post.
Write with formal, professional language.
Work to meet all posting guidelines and expectations.
Unit 4 Assignment
Assignment Details
The IT-topic Annotated Bibliography
Outcomes addressed in this activity:
Unit Outcomes:
Develop advanced research skills with the online library.
Analyze sources through a variety of assessment criteria.
Formulate a research question.
Re-examine plagiarism prevention.
Develop an annotated bibliography on a technology topic.
Course Outcome:
IT513-2: Prepare high-level research into information technology concepts with critical assessment and proper attribution.
This Assignment will uncover a variety of sources through academic research. Keep in mind that the sources you choose will be used for writing an informative (expository) paper in Unit 5 – but wait until that unit to actually begin writing the paper. This week, the assignment is an annotated bibliography. Complete the Unit 4 Reading before beginning work.
Assignment Instructions and Requirements
Choose a technology topic that interests you. It may take some searching the Library and the Internet to know exactly what topic you wish to choose, so plan your time accordingly.
Identify your research question. The discussion this week should help you focus your efforts and your classmates’ input can be considered as you choose the most interesting and appropriate question.
You need four sources as listed below; help in locating appropriate works is found in the unit reading.
Two peer-reviewed professional journal articles from the University’s online Library. *
One website article with identified authorship (human, not entity) and specified publication date.
One eBook found in the University’s online library. *
* While there are other means to locate these kinds of items, your professor must have easy access, and therefore the University library is required.
For each source:
• Provide a complete APA-standard reference entry.
• Write an annotation of 150–180 words:
o Paragraph 1: A summary of the source.
o Paragraph 2: An evaluation of the source itself (not of the technology). Suggested: author credentials, journal or website reputation, length and depth of content, image relevance, writing style, organization of ideas, currency, etc.
Additional instructions:
Write the annotations in paragraph form (no lists, tables, or images).
All sources chosen must have been published within the last six years.
There is an exception: it is acceptable to have a one older source if your topic includes an historic component. This must be made obvious in your research question. Ask your professor for approval if you are uncertain this applies.
Remember that website copyright dates are not an indication of when the content was published (see the unit reading).
All sources must be appropriate for master’s-level work. Do not include Wikipedia, user-input sites, forums, etc. If in doubt regarding the appropriateness of a source, email your professor well before the assignment deadline to ask for guidance.
You must be able to have full access to any work you include in the bibliography. Do not rely on content presented in abstracts or summaries.
Do not quote for this assignment. Write entirely in your own words.
Do not include in-text citation; the formatting of an annotated bibliography makes it clear which information comes from each source.
Your writing must follow the rules for formal writing style as explained in the Unit 1 reading.
Formatting Requirements
Create an APA-compliant cover page.
Starting on page 2:
Center a title on the top line.
Under the title, present your research question, aligned left.
Under the question, present each of your sources:
The reference entries should be formatted with the hanging indent.
For this particular assignment, single space paragraphs with one blank line between them. See the Unit Reading for an annotated entry example.
Alphabetize your entries.
Do not use Word’s citation tool for this assignment, as it can affect the formatting and access to your annotations.
Do not write an abstract, as this is not a “paper.”

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