discussion 4114

To prepare for this Discussion:
Identify one example of an event that has changed the operations of your organization or an organization with which you are familiar with. If you are not currently working in a healthcare organization (HCO), you may choose a case study from a reliable source from which to work.
Review this weekâ€s Reading and Learning Resources.
Post a cohesive response to the following:
Assess how the understanding of cost behavior will enable healthcare financial managers to help their organizations achieve financial viability in the long run.

Discussion must require a minimum of four (4) current quality references, two (2) of them from peer-reviewed articles
Discussion must be 500-600 words, not counting the list of references.
Discussion must Focus on critical thinking ideas and synthesis and less on stating and describing.
Refer the attached Chapters-
Chapter 4. Basic Accounting Concepts.
Chapter 5. Accounting and the Financial Management Process
Book Name for your reference: Harrison, C., & Harrison, W. P. (2013). Introduction to Health Care Finance and Accounting. Cengage Learning.

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