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explain what is Naturalistic observation and think about if you study psychology which field you like to study in.
For instance: (example)
Naturalistic observation is a research method that commonly used by psychologists. This method involves observing and recording characteristic, behavior, reaction and feeling of a subject in a natural setting. By using natural observation method, we can easily get the first-hand look information that we cannot collect from the lab. More importantly, the survey data we get from the process of observation is relatively true and effective. However, this research method also has some limitations. The biggest limitation of naturalistic observation is the intervention of the outside variables. For example, the observer effect, a term that describes the changes in a subject’s behavior caused by an awareness of being observed. Another related problem could be observer bias, which refers to the problem that some observers only record things they expect to see. Furthermore, since the naturalistic observation only provides descriptions of behavior, it is difficult for us evaluating relationships of each event.
If I were to do a study on psychology, I think I would like to investigate the effect of caffeine on short-term memory. I personally think this topic is interested in me. Commonly people suppose that caffeine could boost people’s concentration but I always find myself feeling tired and sleepy after drinking coffee. I think this study could be done in two ways: naturalistic research and correlational method. Firstly, I could get my survey data information from my constant observing and recording on participants. Then I think I will re-arrange all the data I collect and analyze if it is a positive, negative or zero correlation so that I can draw my conclusion from it.

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