discussion 2490

Choose one topic. Post a main post and a reply to at least one other student. You may respond to both topics with a main post, but you still need a substantive reply to another student in at least one topic. This is what makes our conversation a discussion.
Fitness Devices:

Wearable devices like Apple watches or Fitbits are now fitted with heart rate trackers, gyroscopes, and accelerometers to help keep the user healthy and physically fit. Do you think more technologies will create a healthier and better society in the near future? Can you reconcile your response with the high level of obesity in American society?
Respond to at least one of your classmates. Do you agree with their conclusion? What are the implications of this technology in the future?

Cell Phone Security

Nearly everyone has a cell phone. Often, people get phones and use them to promote personal safety. It is ironic that the very devices we use to ensure our personal safety are sometimes compromised themselves or worse, provide circumstances that leave us unprotected or vulnerable to exploitative technology or people.
We have to learn to protect the actual phone and our data https://www.tccrocks.com/blog/cell-phone-security-tips/
How do cell phones leave us vulnerable? How can a hacker or stalker use geo-tags to hurt you?
Respond to at least one of your classmates. How can someone secure their cell phone from the vulnerabilities described in your classmateâ€s post but also keep safety features like tracking the phone if it gets lost or stolen? What are the implications for minors and cell phones?

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