discussion 2192

Question #1 (75 words)
Think back to a time you experienced a communication breakdown in a personal or social setting (something youâ€re comfortable discussing with the class). Did you figure out why the breakdown occurred? Was it related to cultural differences, emotional factors, technology, or some other identifiable cause? How might you avoid similar breakdowns in the workplace?
Question #2 (75 words)
Is it ethical for social media users to “gang up” on a company after a single customer complains about poor service or a faulty product? What if the company made a rare mistake, but the social media uproar creates the impression that the company routinely disappoints customers?
Question 3 (75 words)
Have you ever felt frustration during a cross-cultural communication exchange, such as when you couldnâ€t understand what someone else was saying or when your values or interests clashed with someone elseâ€s? How did you respond? Would you respond differently now? What did this episode teach you about the challenges of intercultural communication?
Question 4 (75 words)
Do you consider yourself in the same culture or cultures as your parents or other close family members? If not, what differences do you perceive?

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