discussion 2 wonder and the quot god spot quot

In the interview this week, Dr. Sharpe explores the relationship between science and the spirit, and discusses how the two realms can coexist with one another. One possible bridge between scientific and spiritual thinking consists of the so-called “God spot,” which Dr. Sharpe describes as the neurological drive to comprehend the “big picture” of the Universe. At the heart of this drive rests humanity’s wonder at the Universe, and this wonder is shared by both scientific and spiritual thinkers alike.

Listen to the Radio Laureate Interview with Dr. Kevin Sharpe: “The Role of Wonder,” in which Dr. Sharpe describes how Science and Religion can coexist.
Consider how the notion of “wonder” drives both scientific and spiritual thinkers to learn more about the Universe.
Reflect on how the scientific and spiritual fields might inform and influence one another rather than simply existing in conflict

Post a 2- to 3-paragraph response explaining how the drive to see the “big picture” of the Universe can still exist in an era dominated by scientific reductionism. Describe the role of wonder in both the spiritual and scientific realms, and explain how it might be possible for science to serve a spiritual function or for spiritual thinking to influence the direction of science.

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