In this assignment, you will examine the interdisciplinary nature of gerontology. This assignment has three parts:
Part 1: You will identify a specific topic in aging use databases to create a table that:
· represents three different perspectives (e.g. psychological, sociological, economic, political, legal, anthropological, medical, etc.)
· identifies research articles about your topic that represent each perspective (at least 2 for each perspective)
· identifies the important findings of each study
Part 2: You will also present a one page summary that compares and contrasts the three perspectives as they relate to your topic. Your table and summary will be shared with your classmates in Week 7. Be sure to include a reference list!
Part 3: Post your completed table and summary to the Week 7 discussion area as well as to the Assignments folder. You are expected to review the summaries of at least two other students as part of your weekly discussion participation.
Remember that you must also post your assignment to the discussion thread posted in Week 7 so that your table will be visible to the entire class. The discussion thread is marked with the icon that looks like a word cloud.

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