Research: the meanings / differences of the following terms: Chicano, Latino, and Hispanic.
Read: Gloria Anzalda, How to Tame a Wild Tongue.Borderlands/ La Frontera. Aunt Lute Books. pp. 75-86
Purpose: To examine various different linguistic styles of speaking and languaging and how they relate to personal identity, communication and culture.
Write: In approximately 350 words total for your initial post, list the different kinds of languages Gloria Anzaldua says she speaks and organize them according to a brief description of your own. Be brief here.
Then, what does the list tell us about the Chicano/a experience with language? Here, describe Anzaldas experience of the relationship between language, community membership, and personal identity. Specifically, her position that the production of linguistic styles is part of the production of identities. (Anzalda, 1998, p. 81) In your response be sure to offer a careful articulation of what she explains as the relationship between community, personal identity, naming. and the effects of rhetorical techniques (or decolonial tools) such as code-switching. Address also: what is her response to detractors who–instead of a “dilution” or “variant,” would describe her using Chicano Spanish as “mutilation of Spanish.” (p. 79)

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