Discussion 10

In this case analysis you are developing a model that melds management data from the San Francisco International Airport with information about the savings that Torontos Pearson Airport received after implementing similar credentialing software. You are going to need to apply assumptions developed from Torontos experience to the context of San Francisco. This sort of modeling approach requires that you make judgment calls and decide how conservative to be in adapting assumptions. Most importantly, the validity of the analysis requires that the two airports be reasonably comparable.
Before undertaking this discussion board assignment, read the case carefully, read the Excel assignment, and look over the workbook. Become familiar with the types of savings that Toronto experienced and that SFO anticipates.
In a post of 250 words, answer one of the following questions.
1. What are the key considerations in adapting the experience of Toronto to SFO? Be specific. For example, on what key dimensions are the airports comparable, and what makes them different in ways that might affect the software system? What are the implications for the cost analysis?2. Which factors do you think are going to drive the model (meaning, which are most important to the bottom line?) How are you planning to determine how sensitive your findings are to errors in the assumptions you make?

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