discussion 1 follow the instructions

You should post your answer and respond with at least three substantiative posts. So a minimum of fourposts.Also, I need your opinion without resources because this discussion
this is the topic
(How does economics perspective or economic way of thinking relate to purposeful behavior, rational self-interestand marginal analysis? )
and respond to this three students discussion down and let me know if you need anything
Student 1/Economic perspective being the manner in which people engage in decision making when comparing the cost and benefits is interrelated with marginal analysis. With the use of economic perspective then an individual is able to weigh marginal costs and compared them to marginal benefits. As a result of the scarcity of resources then an individual puts to focus the opportunity cost so as to be able to decide on anything. Utility and the purpose behaviour have a great influence on opportunity cost at one wish for a high level of satisfaction. As a result, people end up choosing a scenario that has more marginal benefits as compared to marginal costs.
Student 2/Economic perspective pertains to a viewpoint that focuses on individuals and institutions making rational decisions by forming a marginal analysis. By using the economic perspective, individuals are able to weigh marginal costs and benefits. Purpose behavior has an influence upon opportunity cost,
Student 3/Economic perspective is the ability to make choices of how to satisfy individual’s needs in regards to the costs and benefits f commodities. With the help of economic perspective one is in a position of making choices and being able to choose one commodity over the other which is a scenario called opportunity cost. More so, the economic perspective guides in matters related to marginal analysis where one is bale to

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