Discussion 1

Discussion 1

Choosing Your Specialization

For this discussion, you will post the equivalent of a 1–2-page paper describing your specialization, the requirements for employment in that specialization, and your particular goals. Your participation in this discussion will help you clarify your own choices and motivations regarding your specialization and increase your understanding of Capella’s degree requirements, as well as the requirements of the profession.

In your initial post, answer the following questions:

What is your specialization within the College of Professional Studies? For example, applied behavior analysis, clinical psychology, counseling psychology, developmental, school psychology, educational psychology, industrial and organizational psychology, or general psychology?What interests you about your specialization, and how will it help you meet your career goals?What are the requirements for entering the workforce in this specialization? Do you need a license or certification? If so, are there restrictions to that license? Do you need to take certain courses or have certain employment experience?What are Capella’s degree requirements for your specialization? How can you plan to meet them?What did you learn about research questions and methods in your specialization from the three articles you located in the Capella library?

Discussion 2

Issues in Your Specialization

Though specializations in psychology are unique, they possess interesting commonalities, aside from all being in the field of psychology. Contribute to this discussion by sharing your thoughts on various issues within your specialization.

What topics in your specialization did you choose to research in the Capella library? Why are they interesting to you?What seem to be the hot topics in research being discussed, debated, and researched in your specialization today, based on the brief research you just conducted and from your previous readings? If you need further guidance, see the Programs of Research: School of Psychology document given in the resources. (You will choose one of these topics as the subject of a library search in the next unit.)How did the readings from your Critical Thinking in Psychology text help you as you considered issues related to your specialization? Recall that these readings provided information on evaluating sources and evaluating claims to knowledge.Have you thought about topics for your dissertation yet? If so, please share that topic, but understand that it is okay if you have not yet begun to think about the dissertation. You are still very early in the process.

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