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Author of book: Randall J. Boyle and Raymond R. Panko

Chapter Title: The Threat Environment

Author of Chapter: Randall J. Boyle and Raymond R. Panko

Year: 2015

Title of book: Corporate Computer Security (4th Edition)

A good answer would cite the text book or an external source:
Chapter 1 The Threat Environment: Attackers and their Attacks
Short essay of one or two paragraphs should be adequate.
The best answer will cite both the text and external sources.
Answers are not graded on the length or volume but on the studentâ€s ability to defend their stated position within the answer.
Please number your answers so they correspond to the questions listed below.
After each answer (or clearly state within the answer) the source(s) used. Although form and style is not considered in grading of this assignment, it may be a good opportunity to practice APA form and style rules for citing sources.

Briefly explain using your own words (do not copy) the following threats:

Trojan Horse
Root Kit

Chapter one presented employee, ex-employee, and external threats. Of these three types of threats, which are the most dangerous? Briefly describe the types of resources that could be used to mitigate threats from each of these groups.
Give an example of the application of the Defense in Depth concept as this term would apply to Information Systems Security.
What types of threats would an untrained employee pose to Information Systems Security?

Submit your answers in Word or RTF format.

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