cultural diversity heritage assessment

Cultural Diversity: Heritage Assessment Heritage is the customs, traditions, ethnicities, cultures, achievements, beliefs, etc., that are fragment and portion of the history of a community group or a nation (Merriam-Webster, n.d.). When talking about heritage, one is talking about who we are, what part of the world are we from and what is our history is all about. Everyone come from different culture and with traditions, customs and the heritage differs from cultures to culture, which is determined by religions, ethnics, and cultural background. As nurses, it is very essential and vital when collecting patient information along with theirs cultural background during nursing assessment. Heritage assessment tool is an important tool for …show more content…

This family believes in traditional religion, food and dance. It was learned that in Yoruba culture, traditional religion is very important, such as Ogun (God of Iron), and Sango, (God of Thunder). There is a specific time that is assigned to worship them and that is when people believes to ask for good health through the year and anyone that is sick will come to the shrine with some items to make sacrifice. The Akosiles family came from the family that worships God of iron, in Yoruba land in Nigeria. They believes in some herbs preparations for healing of different types of sickness, they believe in saying incantations to a leaves and placed it on any part of the body that needed restoration and healing and they also believes in using incantation to cast out demonic attack from a person. Pounded yam is their local and native food with vegetable soup and bush meat along with palm wine drink. The Yorubas has a lot of fruits and vegetables . They also believes that soaking herb inside palm wine drink is good to cure malaria, so they believe that by doing that, once in a while is good to prevent malaria sickness. It is common to use pure and natural shea butter (known as Ori in Yoruba land) as a cream for many skin problems especially for baby and wound healing. This family also believes different leafs as vegetables for healing of different sickness. In the interviewed, it was learned that, in a situation where there is no .

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