cover girl 4p executive summary

Cover Girl My topic I have chosen for the 4P executive summary is Cover Girl. Cover Girl is an American cosmetics brand founded in 1958 in Baltimore, Maryland, by the Noxzema Chemical Company, (later called Noxell) and acquired by Procter & Gamble in 1989. The company launched six products to start and then slowly began to branch out their product line.

Cover Girl is easily identifiable with their popular tagline, “Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, Cover Girl”. As stated by Shilpa, “After this marketing campaign, the Cover Girl cosmetics improved its position in the world of cosmetics and personal care” (SHILPA, 2012). Now, Cover Girl has really identified who, what, when, and where to market their products, as well as acquiring the spot for best-selling mass market cosmetic brand in the United States and a very distinguished spot in the teenage marketplace. Product It is very important to understand Cover Girl’s products.

Grewal and Levy state, “A product is anything that is of value to a consumer and can be offered through a voluntary marketing exchange (Levy, Product, Branding, and Packaging Decisions, 2012). There are all different kinds of products, but the category Cover Girl falls under is shopping products/services. Cover Girl is not the only cosmetic brand available and many consumers spend a fair amount of time comparing Cover Girl to other cosmetic brands. Cover girl’s main goal is just like any other companies. What is the customer looking for in our products?

First, Cover girl had to identify their target market and they did so: Women. Cover Girl looked towards women seeking beauty and skin care. Cover girl defines their core customer value, by stating that Cover girl products are easy, they make you beautiful, consist of soft texture that smooth’s your skin, you feel refreshed not oily, and they have the best quality. Cover girl’s mission statement says that every woman can be a Cover Girl, because we all want to look and feel beautiful with the right, affordable makeup. This marketing approach for selling the products is smart and strategic!

Most women look at posters, billboards, and TV commercials that Cover girl produces and wish that in some way they could look like that. Although many will not admit that, it still crosses their mind and Cover girl gains a lot of women to their products by running this ad campaign that every woman can be a Cover girl. Cover girl has a wide product mix (which is all the products that Cover Girl offers). Cover Girl offers six product lines (breadth), and multiple products within each product line (depth). Cover girl designs their products on what is trending in today’s fashion.

Technology really helps the company to figure out what new products to bring to the market. Too much breadth is costly for the company and sense Cover girl has a distinct audience they have to be careful about what new products to market. According to Cover Girl. com, “Cover girl has recently added new products lines such as Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation, Clump Crusher by Lash blast Mascara, and CG Smoothers BB Cream” (COVERGIRL, 2013). These products are increasing the breadth for Cover girl, but what is neat about these products is that they have simply been updated.

These products are already on the shelf, but this new line Cover girl carries just has additional features that the old products do not. Cover girl has also had to decrease some of their items in order to add new items. Some of their dismissed products include: Cheekers Bronzer, Clean Makeup original, Tanfastic Bronzer, Outlast Smooth wear All-Day Eyeliner, and Outlast Lip stain. Cover girl’s website provides a page where you can look up the old product you have and they will show you what the new product looks like. A company will either live or die based on their brand awareness.

Consumers cannot buy a product that they have no clue about, even if the brand name is familiar. Cosmetics are popular in America and every day you see different types of cosmetic companies making their way into the market. Through branding, a company can differentiate themselves from other competitors. For instance, Cover Girl and Maybelline are two cosmetic companies, but consumers may choose Cover Girl over Maybelline because of the associations of the brand. Important key note, these two companies are the number one and number two cosmetic companies in America.

Understanding the brand really connects the consumer to the company. Cover Girl has done a good job of creating and building brand awareness. Cover Girl show’s women they are beautiful no matter shape or size and that with their products they are even more beautiful. Also, all the celebrity endorsements they have make consumers want to be like the celebrities. Mahola. com states, “Cover Girl has had a number of endorsers including celebrities like Brandy, Tyra Banks, Rihanna, Drew Barrymore, Faith Hill, and most recent Taylor Swift” (Mahalo, 2013).

If a person has never purchased Cover Girl, the simple awareness that it exists can cause a purchase. Cover Girl’s advertising and publicity has really made their company. Their commercials offer live vibrant colors, beautiful models, and usually upbeat music or some type of hype that gets you engaged. Branding and all the elements involved are really important for a company, such as Cover Girl, because every company wants their product to be the best and the best way to do that is to make consumers aware. The way a company packages a product is really important also.

Packages come in different shapes, sizes, types, forms, and offer a variety of benefits. Cover girl has a primary package and a secondary package. The primary package is the one the consumer is using, such as with Cover Girl, pressed powder. The secondary package is what the pressed powder is contained in. This secondary package provides all the details that the primary package may not provide. Both packages affect the way the consumer views the product, the way the product stands out from competing products, and it shows how the product can appeal to different markets.

Cover Girl has had recent changes to their products by shaping their logo in a different way as to ten years ago. The bottles and compacts the make-up comes in today are edgy and more vivid, whereas before they were vague and colorless. Their new line of products seems more in synch with today’s fashion, but some of the new line for Cover girl is still quite vague, because some products have no color on the package, some pertain to a boring look, and there is nothing there to grab your attention. Overall Cover girl’s packaging is different from ompetitors and they provide labels to consumers on their products to show why their products are better than the competing brand. Although Cover Girl takes a big risk by making new products and changing the looks of their products, their company still stands as the number one cosmetic brand in the United States. All this information shows why Cover Girl has the right strategy for marketing their products. Place How important is it where Cover Girl places their products? Not all businesses offer cosmetics and many local stores only run small samples.

It is very important for Cover Girl to pick the right retail partners, then work with the retailors, and ensure that their products are available for sale when the customer wants them, at the store for the customer to get them, and a large enough supply at the store so they do not run out before the next shipment. Cover Girl is available on-line, but the majority of their business is through retail locations. Cover girl has a selective distribution by having their products in select stores, but at the same time they belong to the Proctor and Gamble Company which carries the strategy of intensive distribution.

Grewal and Levy say, “As the old cliche claims, the three most important things in retailing are “location, location, location” (Levy, Retailing and Multichannel Marketing, 2012). It is important for consumers to know that the product is placed right down the road and they can go get it at any time they want. Many consumers will not buy a product if it is too far away. Even if the product is offered on-line, some consumers feel better seeing, touching, and examining the product before buying it.

Since Cover Girl is a cosmetic company they do not have strict locations like Starbucks or Target, but they do work with different retails who market their products. Some of the general merchandise retailors Cover Girl is associated with include Wal-Mart, Family Dollar, Dollar General, Walgreens, and Target. Cover Girl is owned by Proctor and Gamble, so all their products are sent to large distribution centers and wholesalers instead of being sold straight out of a Cover Girl store.

A possible idea to make the products more accessible would be for Cover Girl to open up their own store, but this idea seems highly doubtful considering most all cosmetics are distributed through some type of retail store. Cover Girl is such a popular brand that they have their own website specially designed for people in Canada and their products are offered in locations all around the world. One really interesting thing that Cover Girl does to gain consumers is hold a Stardoll National Cover Girl contest (Stardoll, 2013).

Stardoll is the largest online community for girls who love fashion, shopping, decorating, creativity, and making new friends from around the world. When you become a member you can create your own MeDoll avatar, go shopping, dress up, decorate their suite, express creatively and socialize with others. This contest recognizes the top avatars as National Cover girl and this is a good way for Cover Girl to connect consumers and market their products in different countries. There are 93 countries involved in the National Cover girl contest.

This shows how Cover girl is a world-wide brand and how they market their products from a different perspective compared to that of other cosmetics. Before the Internet and Television, products like Cover girl would have been very hard to market. Since they are not directly a store themselves and their website provides all their information, consumers would have a hard time recognizing where Cover girl fits in. Of course when you are in the store you recognize Cover girl as a make-up, but what do you really know about them as a company besides what you hear and what you see?

Cover girl has opened up a broader and deeper selection of products through the Internet. By using the Internet, Cover girl now gains the insight on consumer shopping behavior, increases customer’s satisfaction and loyalty, and expands their market presence. An internet channel is of the upmost importance for a brand such as Cover girl, because they have limited locations and distribution. For example, Cover girl is known for their tagline, magazine ads, commercials, billboards, and models. If Cover girl did not have TV or Internet, how else would they be such a popular brand?

Has this form of communication really been the reason for Cover girl’s place in cosmetics? Having a marketing strategy, like Cover girl’s, that involves television and the internet is the best way to keep up in today’s economy with such a competitive market place. Keeping the brand image that all consumers recognize, such as for Cover girl which represents beautiful, elegant, fashionable women, is important so that consumers do not get confused or lose faith in the brand. Price Prices are constantly changing. Cover Girl has recently gone up on their prices a lot and they have lost many consumers due to the cost.

In today’s economy, every business is trying to find ways to market their products. With an ever increasing amount of competitors in cosmetics, Cover Girl has to price strategically in order to keep up with these big competitors, such as L’Oreal and Revlon. The price shifts clearly have had an effect on the company. A lot of the reasons behind Cover Girl’s pricing are competitor-oriented and customer-oriented. Competitor oriented in a way to make competitors set their prices lower and discourage others from entering the market.

Customer-oriented in a way to target a select group of women around the age of 16-45 whom highly value their products and who would not choose any other brand. Customers strive to get value and the best product available. Cover Girl displaces their products in stores such as Family Dollar or Dollar General, and everyone knows these types of stores do not run really high pricing. Cover Girls products are not the most prestigious, but they are still valued as a big cosmetic. This clearly does not make sense that Cover Girl is such a big cosmetics company, but they market in dollar stores.

The only way to understand their strategy is to look at the wide target audience they are reaching and see how they are marketing not just too high class, prestige women to get their products, but making them available for every woman to be able to buy them. Make-up is not something that is in demand, but people still aspire to have it because it is a part of fashion and people think because of TV and magazine ads, with make-up they look better than someone else. Price elasticity of demand is important for Cover Girl to know when figuring out how their price change will affect their sales.

Obviously, consumers are quicker to notice when the price goes up. Learning the price of elasticity of demand will help Cover Girl to develop a strategy that will keep the consumers they have, as well as gain more consumers, when it comes to developing prices. Also, when developing costs the company must make sure to break-even. Most companies want to make some form of revenue, but being able to break even is important, so that the company does not fall behind or loose so much profit that they must shut down.

Developing an “average” price on items is the safest way to satisfy customers and the best way for Cover Girl to remain at the top of the cosmetics industry. As stated all throughout the paper, competition is one of the biggest threats for Cover Girl. There are so many opportunities for cosmetic companies and there are so many new ones coming into the market every day. Cosmetics are one of the number one brands for price wars. There are so many threats for Cover Girl! Cover Girl is in a monopolistic competition, where they compete on grounds of features, style, quality, and value.

Cover Girl has outweighed their competition by promoting big celebrities, providing a website that is packed with details about their products, and even creating a larger market by partnering with shows like America’s Next Top Model. With all of these opportunities Cover Girl is showing how they are at the top of the cosmetics industry. Proctor and Gamble has no problem putting price on Cover Girl products, because they have so much going for their company with all the promotions and partners, including the Internet, which is an additional add-on for the company.

Since there is no actual Cover Girl store, the internet really lets consumers view the products and make orders anytime they wish. The internet has really been a benefit for Cover Girl and has been the big push to send them to the top of the market. Promotion The most important thing to recognize in promotion is integrated marketing communications. This is what Cover Girl is completely built around. Media is one of the most efficient ways to reach an audience in today’s world. Understanding how to reach a certain target audience, well that is a little bit harder.

In order for Cover Girl to promote products they have to communicate. The sender must clearly identify the target audience. For instance, Cover Girl is working with teenage girls to broaden their target market, so they send out a message promoting all teenagers to register to be models in a Cover Girl runway exclusive. Then Cover Girl selects a wide range of girls to be presented in the pageant. Following that, all TV ads, magazine articles, front covers, and anything related to Cover Girl is proclaiming the big event for the teenage girls to rip the runway.

Then once Cover Girl has decided who to target with the message, they hope and wait to see if the consumer got the message. If the message is received then the event will be remarkable and there may be future events that are similar, but if the message has noise then more than likely it did not reach the target market and the whole event will be a flaw. The AIDA model is one of the strongest ways for consumers to be engaged with a product. Consumers are aware of the product. Consumers are interested in the product.

Consumers desire the product. Consumers take action. Those are the steps to the AIDA model, but they do not have to be followed in that order. As we all know, many people buy things on the spur of the moment and that takes no interest or desire, just feeling and action. Public relations and sales promotions are important aspects of promotions for Cover Girl. Public relations keep Cover Girl functioning and provide the company with a positive image by creating brand awareness and never ever stopping publications about the brand.

Cover Girl is always running sales promotions to bring customers in to buy their products. They offer coupons, rebates, and contests. By offering different promotions, Cover Girl has really established a trusted brand. Many of the promotions provide customers with security that Cover Girls products are the best and other companies cannot offer these types of promotions. One of the newest forms of marketing is mobile marketing, which is marketing through handheld devices. The only problem is most people do not like to be annoyed with mobile ads.

It will be very interesting to see how Cover Girl works with mobile marketing to satisfy people. Marketing online through websites, blogs, and social networks is the most popular way today. Websites offer up information that not many employees in an actual retail store could provide. Also, by looking at reviews of the products online, many consumers can make better and faster decisions on whether or not they want the product. Cover Girl has a page for online product reviews, which simply makes customers trust their brand more and makes it even harder for the competition.

Blogs contain people’s posts which are about really anything from the way the company is run to how well the products are. Blogs are supposed to be honest, although some of them are faulty. Blogs really do help the company to be more interactive with consumers, as well as providing the company with details on what can be improved. Social media is the fastest growing way to communicate messages. Conclusion YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and so many more apps are now available for consumers to talk about products, places, prices, and promotions.

As with any company, Cover Girl must establish what outcomes they hope to achieve and then work from there. Developing a goal and working towards that goal is what makes the company the best on the market. If consumers are committed to the products and the products are placed at a fair price, then the strategy is working. Jackie Silver states, “Cover Girl is listening to women who tell them that they want makeup that doubles as skin care” (Silver, 2013). With the newest line of products and the reviews that Cover Girl is getting they are establishing innovation and promising staying power.

Being in the cosmetics industry is not easy, but Cover Girl has come a long way and developed a well trusted brand that consumers are loyal to.

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