consumer behavior analysis

Methods of analysis for the consumer behavior

Qualitative studies:

Behavior can also be measured through qualitative tools and techniques such as focus group, depth interview (individual) and psychological tests. That helps to identify consumer opinions, beliefs and feelings by getting them involved in open discussions.

Focus group= in focus group interview, there is a group of consumers between 6 and 12 persons called together and a moderator who control this interview. The discussion begins about the product or the service offering, and then consumers could be required to speak about the offering, the brand, the dealer or any of the 4Ps. This technic provides valuable information to a researcher.

Depth interview= is similar to an individual interview, so the consumer is facing a researcher. The researcher interview the consumer about the product or the service offering, the brand and the 4Ps. Questions like WHAT, WHY, HOW and IF are used to enable a detailed discussion. All the consumer opinions, beliefs, feeling and body language are recorded by the researcher to better analyze the CB.

Psychological tests= the psychological test is used to measure and deduce consumer behavior. For example, the consumer is pleased to interpret pictures or write some words describing them. Or also write the first word that comes to mind when a product or brand is mentioned or shown to him. This test help to reveal consumer feelings and opinions.

Quantitative techniques:

Quantitative methods are used to measure consumer attitudes through surveys questionnaires. There are different types of questions that could be used in surveys like open-ended, closed-ended questions or rating scales questions.

Open-ended questions: seek a free answer from the consumer and aim to determine what the consumer is really thinking. Closed-ended questions: it’s the multiple-choice questionnaire, where you have to choose one answer or multiple answers. Rating scales: is a technic which measures the consumer reactions on a five or seven point scale based on different degrees of agreement and disagreement or liking and disliking. Likert scale and Semantic differential scale are 2 methods using rating scales.

There are several types of questions used to provide a survey and each type of question determines what type of CB information need to be collecting.

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