competitive advantages of ruby tuesday

In this paper I will attempt to explain the strengths and weaknesses of a restaurant. I also will attempt to show one way how they can utilize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses To be competitive. I will further explain how their ability to have Stylish Restaurants with Ever Changing Decor, their online and call in orders, Online and Phone reservations, Premium Cocktails, Ruby Tue Go, Full Service Catering, and Extensive Menu Variety give them a competitive edge in their market. With their online and call ahead service called Ruby Tue GO it gives you the ability to order your food before you lunch hour and stop by to pick it up saving yourself a considerable amount of valuable time. With being able to call ahead or go online to make reservations you are able to save considerable time waiting for a table.

The Full Service Catering allows customers to have a meal delivered, served, and then cleaned up for just about any event. All of those options have access to the full variety menu that makes there restaurant able to server a wide variety of tastes. Ruby Tuesday’s drink menu includes their Zero Proof cocktails including seasonal teas and lemonade that are handcrafted and made to order. They also have a wide variety of Premium Cocktails along with both bottle and on tap beers of different brand and varying tastes. Their stylish restaurants with every changing decor gives people the opportunity for a very nice and relaxed sit down meal with everyone from business partners and co-works, too date night, and guys night out. Keywords: Ruby Tuesdays Strengths, Weaknesses

I believe that some of the strengths of the Ruby Tuesday restaurant are Order Pickup from both phone and online called Ruby Tue GO, Online and over the phone reservations, Full Service Catering, Seating for Lunch and Dinner meetings, A wide variety menu with a healthy eating portion, and Stylish Interior spaces for your dining experience.

The fact that they are a sit down dining restaurant and have order pick up is nice. You as the customer have the ability to not only call ahead and order your food, but you can also get online and order as well. By allowing you to order online this gives you the ability to view the entire menu when ordering so there is never an question as to what they offer. They call their curbside pickup Ruby Tue Go. They also have the ability to have orders ready for pick in about 15 minutes. It makes it easy and convenient for getting a good lunch in the middle of a busy work day.

There is also the fact that they offer not only call ahead orders for pickup but also reservations that can be placed both over the phone and online. I understand that in larger cities this is something that most restaurants offer but in my home town they are the only ones to offer reservations.

According to their website they offer full service catering if needed for a meeting or larger gathering. They will do everything from setting up the food and seating to tearing down ofter the gathering is over. The customer has the ability to make all the arrangements online where they have access to the full menu that is offered. They will cater to all sorts of gathering. A few examples are: Business Meetings, Pharmaceutical Sales Events, Graduation Parties, Tailgating, Holiday Parties, Baby Showers.

They have a portion of their menu devoted to healthy foods that makes them not only a nice restaurant that offers reservations and a fine dinning experience for everyone, but also a healthy alternative for those people who are trying to do the best thing for there body. While were are on the topic of the menu I would like to note that they have items listed for just about every appetite. They offer everything from appetizers to fresh sides, with the choose of many different main dishes.

They also offer a full service bar from opening till closing of there working hours. They have not only bottled beer and different beer on tap but the also have 5$ premium cocktails all day everyday. Their site does say that “Availability may vary by location”. I would have to assume that is because there are some places that they are not allowed to server alcoholic drinks.

Every Ruby Tuesday that I have been to has had a wonderfully stylish interior that did nothing but add to the fine dinning experience. They model all of there locations to optimize everything from the staffs ability to take care of the customer to the customers ability to enjoy there meal. The Ruby Tuesdays in my town is actually built so that you as the customer have the ability to watch the cook staff at work. During just about every step of preparing your meal you can see whats going on in the foreground of the kitchen. Granted you cant see

I believe that with all of there strengths they hold a competitive advantage in their market. They have setup restaurants in small towns like mine where they are the only business of that kind and they server to a very wide varying market. In my area we have not only the local traffic but also a PA Turn Pike exit that offers a much larger customer base than what you would normally find in small towns of this size.

Ruby Tuesdays also has programs that benefit the communities they serve. Such as the Ruby Tuesday Community Give Back Program. They offer a charitable contribution based on 20% of the sales from customers that have a flyer from the organization’s specific event. A nice thing about it is that since the fundraiser would take place at you local Ruby Tuesday it can help your community. Since August 2011, Ruby Tuesday has given back a total of $1,577,122.69. During the month of August 2013 they helped a number of organizations some of which include The American Cancer Society, South Florida American Association of Zoo Keepers, The 21st Century Village Community Learning Center, Johnston Community College Foundation, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Mount Airy Youth Football and Cheerleading, Prescott Firefighters Charities, Practical Compassion Inc, The SPCA of Anne Arundel County, Crimestoppers of Thomasville, along with many more. They also have the Ruby Relief Fund. Were team members from their restaurants can contribute out of concern for their co-workers. The Ruby Relief Fund is a 501 (c) (3) entity that provides supports in time of disaster to team members. The Fund was established after the events on the 11th of September 2001. It helps team member during both man-made and natural disasters.

Truly the only weakness that I can seem to find for there restaurants are there generally high prices. The prices do differ by area but in my home town they offer the Ruby’s Classic Burger for the price of $7.79 plus tax
during lunch hours. The price is raised during dinner hours to $8.29 plus tax. Granted it is a fa-nominal burger from my trials but they are right next to other restaurants that you can get more than just one burger for that price. Unfortunately there are other restaurants that server to the same extent as Ruby Tuesday’s such as Applebees, TGI Fridays, and Chillies.

I believe on way they can maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses would be to come up with some kinda of a value menu even if is only a small menu with a burger for $2.99, fries for $1.99 maybe a medium drink for $1.99 I believe the shear volume of the sales they could obtain would more than cover the cost of the supplies need to make this happen. Outside of a few cheaper menu items I can really see nothing wrong with their current business model. My opinion is that they have have filled their corner of the market quite nicely. With their idea of quality “affordable” dinning for everyone.

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