compare and contrast the advantages of internal and external sources of recruitment

Compare and contrast the advantages of internal and external sources of recruitment

It is a fact that organizations during its existence will be hiring people to fill in vacant positions. Recruitment answers this need; it is the practice of attracting qualified applicants to fill in the open positions in the organization (Dessler, 2002). There are two methods used in the recruitment process, external and internal. Internal recruiting involves recruiting current employees for open positions which are usually above entry level positions, while looking for applicants outside the organization to fill in the positions comprises external recruitment.

            Internal recruitment promotes high morale for the organization’s employees since it is viewed by employees as a promotion and recognition of their hard work for the company. It also promotes employee commitment because employees think that working hard and persevering in the organization will be rewarded in the long run. When promoting or hiring from within, the organization provides a mechanism of career pathing for its employees, thus minimizing dead end jobs. On the other hand, it reduces recruiting costs and training costs. The organization need not spend for information campaigns, and in hiring recruitment agencies to do the work for them. And because the employee recruited for the new position is already part of the organization he/she would not have much difficulty in adjusting to the organization’s culture and work ethics, furthermore a promoted employee would generally have the expertise and experience in the position he/she will be filling. Hiring people from outside the organization can also be advantageous, a new employee brings with him/her new ideas or methods not practiced in the organization as well as an updated knowledge of current trends and developments in the profession that old employees are not aware of. A new employee is like a clean sheet of paper, he/she is not cognizant of the politics and power plays in the organization thus he/she is expected to work objectively and enables him/her to innovate and discover new ways of getting the job done.

            In the end, making the decision to recruit internally or externally would depend on the needs of the organizations. An organization that has a stable market would fare better with internal recruitment, while organizations that are involved in highly technical fields have to recruit externally since they have to keep up with the technological developments in their field. What is important though is that both methods provide advantages that are not available in only one of them, thus organizations should recognize that they can use both methods to their benefit.


Dessler, G. (2002). Human Resource Management 9th ed. Prentice Hall

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