compare and contrast buddhism and christianity

Buddhism and Christianity are the two religions that cover a large section of the world population today with various similarities and differences.

Similarities: The ethics of Lord Buddha were based on golden rule, which was for the wellbeing of the human beings. The ethics of Jesus Christ were also preached as per the golden rule, which was for the wellbeing of his people and simply accessible. The principles of Buddhism gave prominence on love for the whole mankind and every other person as well, no matter whether the person is an enemy or friend. The principles of Christianity were also based on love thy neighbors like unto yourself, that means the person should not only shower love on their friends and family, but also on entire beings.

Differences: In Buddhism, there is no almighty god and there is no one to give punishments or rewards on a supposedly judgment day. In Christianity, there is an almighty creator, who created heavens and earth and the bible states that each individual must give an account to the creator one day. Punishments and rewards are based on the judgment and accountability.

Buddha is not an incarnation of god. The connection between Buddha and his followers and disciples is that of a teacher and student. In Christianity, Jesus is a lord and incarnation of god. Jesus can only save beings from sin, no matter how much you try, or meditate or do good things (Eric, 2008).

According to the Buddhism, each one has to work for own salvation and cannot depend for salvation on others (Ankerberg, Weldon, p. 2). In Christianity, salvation is not based up on one’s work, but it is given to all those who accepts Jesus as their savior. Buddhism stresses enlightenment through practice of meditation that look for alleviation of desire and ignorance. Christianity stresses salvation by elegance through only faith (Ankerberg, Weldon, p. 2).


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