comparative analysis of stantons and jeffersons declarations

Both men and women are created equal; hence, their rights and privileges must be equal based on a Biblical adage. Today’s world shows such equality, as men and women possess the same privileges in terms of living. Husbands work as well as their wives. Men take the highest level of position in the government as well as women. However, savagery ruled every nation and group of people during the 17th and 18th centuries in America. Every citizen has lived under control of the colonizers. Women have been deprived of liberty to live happily and safely. Thus, struggle for freedom of both men and women began to take shape during these centuries.

Third U.S. President Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence during the 17th century urged the people to fight for personal rights, privileges and justice as citizens of the state through his language and diction (“The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America”). Elizabeth Cady Stanton, a world-renowned American activist, addressed the women’s rights, privileges and concerns through her Sentiments (“The Declaration of Sentiments,” Stanton).

As an analysis of the two declarations, each author was able to write such a statement due to his/her feelings and emotions. Each of them was trying to express one’s grievances upon observing the people’s great sufferance. Hence, both the declarations were addressing the rights, privileges and justice of American people in terms of living with freedom.

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