characterization of miss havisham

While reading the book one word kept surfacing, unstable. Referring back to that night it really ruined her, she was having a marvelous time until she received a letter. After reading the letter to herself she was no longer a sane human being. She received the letter at twenty to nine and stopped all the clocks at that time. The same wedding dress she wore that night is still decaying on her frail figure. It is almost like she had frozen that night and would not allow anything to change. Some may refer this as to being caught in the past and it suddenly turned into a mentality issue.

Back then they did tot have labels for mental or psychological problems, now days it is called narcissistic personality disorder. The common traits are that they are not interested in others feelings and lack empathy. In Miss Hafnium’s case this disorder was caused by another, she was not born with it. Lastly, she had finally trusted Pip to wheel her around her dining room and the first impression was extravagant. The food was still on the table from the wedding night but it had all rotted. Nothing had been cleared and stray animals have crawled all over the feast and picked at it. The smell of the room was as bad s sour milk.

It invaded your nostrils leaving behind an unclean feeling. These senses did not seem to mind Miss Having as Pip continuously wheeled her around the table as time passed by. Normally she would be classified as a unstable being but then again, this was back before our time. If you examine Miss Having closely or even read between the lines you will realize that she is very arrogant towards others. This originates back to her childhood as an only child she was always looked after and treated too. Back at a young age he father was a very rich man and had hired maids to are for his daughter.

Not once had she lifted a finger to carry out her own wishes. This trait followed her thorough her years. Having Estella she either had a maid or when Estella came of age she would start caring for herself. When Pip starts coming over she also gets him to do little things for her and makes him play with Estella. As Pip ages he still continuously cares for Miss Having but out of love and the feeling of responsibility. She clearly relies on others but not as much as you would think. Each year on her birthday her relatives bring gifts for her yet she does not wish to see them.

They sit at her entrance hoping that maybe once she will allow them to see her but does doesn’t change her mind. She simply radiates arrogance. Yet again from the tragedy that had happened and the years gone by arrogance was just another well-developed characteristic. As many elegant English people carry this quality she was quite delicate. This characteristic ties in with arrogance as she needed the help. She would rely on others out of arrogance but near the end she needed all the help she could get. She could not stand as easily as she was coming of old age.

He mind started to shut down and couldn’t carry out complete thoughts. Her emotions showed signs of delicacy as well. She claimed to not show Estella love in hopes of making her stronger. She feared if she showed Estella love that she would not live to her full potential and would not be a proper lady. Miss Having had raised Estella as her own and shaped her development traits. She happened to pass on her arrogance onto Estella as well, even at a younger age. When picturing Miss Having from the book descriptions I came up with this; A very elegant spoiled girl who was grown up to be a hysterical mess.

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