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Character Analysis Of John Proctor Essay, Research Paper

Character Analysis of John Proctor

The effects of fiddling answerability for 1s actions are depicted through the trials John Proctor faced, in Arthur Miller s, The Crucible. Although John reluctantly became involved in the Salem enchantress tests, his initial silence proved to be the ruin of non merely himself, but of his fellow townsfolk every bit good. John Proctor remained soundless for one ground, and that was to protect himself. As a consequence of his self-seeking desires to avoid the effects of his actions, guiltless citizens were put to decease.

Survival is one of the cardinal inherent aptitudes of human nature. It is programmed into human existences at birth, and can non be easy masked. No affair how morally wrong the quandary is, the cardinal inherent aptitude of endurance challenges the ethical option in most instances. John Proctor falls victim to instinct, and alternatively of salvaging the members of his community he chooses to salvage his ain self-image. This human failing proves to be John Proctor s tragic character defect. It non merely leads to his death, but to the loss of many guiltless lives every bit good.

Survival may be one of the natural inherent aptitudes in human existences, but it can and sometimes will be overcome by other powerful emotions. John s initial battle for endurance is suppressed by his ove

rwhelming love for his married woman. He becomes involved when his married woman s name is mentioned in tribunal, and her life becomes endangered. John does a complete bend around on his position of the state of affairs. He goes from being wholly isolated, to trying to take control of the state of affairs. However, his initial failure to make the right thing from the start caused this program to neglect.

If he had been faithful to his married woman in the first topographic point, this could hold all been avoided. It is dry that he is put to decease because of his love and trueness to his married woman. When in actuality, it is his initial treachery that causes the struggle in the first topographic point. If he had non committed the initial offense of lechery, he would hold had no jobs concentrating much-needed visible radiation on the crises. John Proctor s character is tragically flawed with incompatibility and the breakability of all worlds.

John Proctors determination to affect himself with the tests may hold saved the life of his married woman, but his failure to respond in a timely mode caused his decease and the decease of others. If he had brought this important information to visible radiation before, it might hold saved them all. This calamity merely goes to demo how of import being loyal and taking duty for your actions can be. Through John Proctor s experiences we can all re-learn the valuable lesson of making the right thing regardless of the effects.

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