causes of sexual harassment

“Sexual harassment is generally accepted to be unwanted conduct of sexual nature that affects the dignity of women and men at work. This sexual conducts could be verbal, non-verbal or physical and is unwelcome by the recipient” (Cecilia, Zanariah and Maria, 2003, P. 98). However, this just not only happened between man and women, but child and the teens also can face this problem.

Sexual harassment occurred based on few causes and it gives several effects towards the victim, and the causes generally fall into two reasons that are from the victim’s fault and deviant behavior then it affected the victims towards the emotional and psychological health also on productivity of work for a company. One of the causes contributed to sexual harassment is from the victim’s fault them self. According to Cecilia, Zanariah and Maria (2003) the most common ones of blaming the victims is because of the sexy clothes scenario that they wear.

The way women dressed up could provoke sexual harassment in a company even though if she conformed to company’s dress code while working. Men usually will scrutinize sexily-dressed women, not to compliment but to joke and criticize. The joke and critics sometimes may not only through action but through non-verbal action like looking up and down at the women body with flirt way (Male storekeeper, 2003 as cited in Cecilia, Zanariah and Maria, 2003).

Besides that, the appropriately dressed women will not be disturbed by the males and if everyone follows the Muslim dress code, the sexual harassment cases can be minimize. Another cause of sexual harassment is deviant behavior of the harasser. The most common perceptions of the perpetrators or harasser are that they are deviant. Deviant behavior means that the harassers do an actions or behaviors that violate social norms. It also knows as an action that is different from what most people consider to normal and acceptable (Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, 8th Edition).

According to co-coordinators of the counseling programmed of a company perceives that sexual harasser as people who are not formal, that is why they behave the way they do. Then, counselor concurred with a view stating that people who become harasser are sick, as examples if you are proper human being and follow religion properly, you will not do that, even those who are show porn they are prevents ( Cecilia, Zanariah and Mariah, 2003).

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