causes and effects on high divorce rates

Since the past, people have gotten married and lived together. Some married couples are unable to maintain their relationship as a couple; therefore, they choose to get a divorce. Furthermore, half of American marriages now end in divorce. There are three main causes to this increase in divorces: the changes in women’s roles, stress in modern living, and lack of communication. The first significant cause in the rise in the divorce rate is that women have changed roles throughout the years. In the past, the husband usually worked and made the money to support his family, and the wife stayed home and did the entire house work.

Therefore, the wife had no money and had to depend on her husband’s money. Because of this, divorcing then was difficult for a woman to separate from her husband. However, this situation is changed nowadays. The equality between men and women in roles are pretty much equal now. Women now work outside the home to make money, while men share the household work. It is clear that women are now independent, because they can earn money for themselves and support living costs. As a result of this independence, women now have no problem with separating from their husbands. Another cause for the rise in divorce rates is stress in modern living.

Many people have considerable pressures to earn money. Some people study in universities for a better chance to find a good job or opportunity to earn money. If a person gets laid off from their job, then stress starts to occur and this can lead to arguments with a married couple. When a married couple argues too much, they will often want to get divorced. Therefore, stress in modern living may lead to the increasing divorce rate. The final cause of the high divorce rate is lack of communication. Because some people work so much, married couples often find no time to communicate with each other.

This can cause lack of interest in each other, and problems not being discussed. If there is no communication in a marriage, the couple starts to feel like they do not know each other anymore. All these communication problems can lead to a couple wanting to get divorced, increasing the divorce rate. Although these three causes of the high divorce rate are expressed, there are also two effects of this divorce rate: negative effects and positive effects. First off, the effects of recent enlargement in divorce rates are negative effects. Most married couples often have children.

Divorces affect children in a negative way. Children living in single parent families are more probable to get pregnant as teenagers, drop out of high school, do drugs, and have emotional problems. Some children may leave a home when their parents are getting divorced, and consequently, they become homeless children. These are some negative effects on the high divorce rates. Secondly, some effects of the high divorce rate are positive effects. Some people who divorce from their partners, want to have a better quality of life, if they are unhappy with their spouses.

When people get divorced, they can learn from the mistakes that occurred in that marriage; such as trust and commitment. One can also learn what is really important to make a marriage work. Not only do they have more free time to do many things, but they also free from their spouses’ complaining. Divorce also gets rid of arguments that can lead to physical or mental abuse. These are some of the positive effects on the high divorce rate. At the moment, divorce has become the substantial problem because of the changes in women’s roles, the stress in modern living, and lack of communication between husband and wife.

Nevertheless, there are also two different effects that have the affected the high divorce rate, which are positive effects and negative effects. Some couples, with no children, divorce by each other’s consent; therefore, divorce should be a good solution for couples to deal with problems. On the other hand, some couples having children should think carefully before ending their marriage. Although people tend to think carefully before they get married, the divorce rate is still high.

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