book of eli media worldview analysis essay

For example, question 1, describe the worldviews of all the main characters. Type your answer to each question directly below the question. The combined word count of your answers to all four questions should total 500-750 words. Reference the movie on the reference page at the end of the worksheet. Here is a link that will show you how to format the reference for the movie. Http://owl. English. Purdue. Deed/owe/resource/560/11/ Complete this worksheet.

Title of the movie being reviewed: Book Of Eli Question 1 .

What worldview or worldviews are represented in this movie in the main characters?

Be sure to look at all the main characters, not just the star. Choose from the worldviews studied in this course (naturalism, secular humanism, atheistic existentialism, eastern pantheism, New Age, Christian Theism). Provide example from the movie that support your identification of the worldview(s). What specific attitudes, actions and behaviors lead to that conclusion? The worldview that is represented in this movie was that of a Christian one because Eli relied on God and his faith to lead him on his journey.

He prays to God, and carries the Bible around with him and reads it everyday. One pacific scene shows Eli explaining his calling to his friend Solar where he stated that he was led on this journey because a voice in his head told him to head West find a safe place to store the Bible.. He walked and walked as he had a mission to fulfill. She asked how he knew where he was going; He explained to her that he was walking by faith and not by sight. After Lei’s work was done, Solar continued the mission that Eli had started, and set out to continue the works of God.

This furthermore led me to believe that both he and Solar had a Christian worldview.

Question 2. Were the characters true to their worldview?

This can be difficult to assess when you are making assumptions to begin with, but I want to see you demonstrate the following type of reasoning: “This person seemed to have a worldview of naturalism because he said that science is all there is, he seems to determine his moral behavior by what was convenient and expedient in the moment, and said there is no afterlife.

However in a time of crisis he prayed, so this seems to be inconsistent with his previous behavior and speech. ” Demonstrate that you understand the worldviews and what behavior would be consistent with beliefs Of a certain worldview. The characters in the film I believe stayed true to their worldview because neither of them changed their ways. Eli continued to walk and walk to find a safe haven for the Bible. He had obstacles along the way, but he stayed focused on the mission that he had been called to do.

Carnegie, which was someone who tried to antagonize Eli for the book stayed true to his worldview which was I believe to be that of a atheistic, because he, nor his men, had no concern for human life. They were after the book and would do anything to get it, and killing was no exception as that was displayed when they killed that elderly couple in their home. Finally, Solar stayed true to her worldview as worldview as well because she took on the same beliefs of Eli. She was like his proto. She helped Eli on his mission, and later continued the mission on her own.

Question 3. What obstacles deterred the characters from living out the worldview?

Explain. There were many obstacles that deterred Eli and Solar from living out there worldview because Carnegie and his men tried to kill them for the Bible. Eli tried to avoid troublemakers, but trouble still found him. Eli had to kill those who wanted to kill him. One scene in particular shows where he was ravening, and he came up on a lady who appeared to be stranded and needed his help. This, in actuality, was a deterrent to get him robbed and killed for his food, clothes, and weapons.

When Solar came along she saw that he was a noble man of God and wanted to follow him. He advised her that she was not ready to go on the journey with him. Even after him telling her no, she went anyway. This actually made it easier for Carnegie to find him because she had not been trained nor ready to fulfill the mission that Eli had been on. When Carnegie finally located Eli, he advised Eli to give the Bible to him. Once Eli refused, he shot Eli. He then succeeded in taking the Bible, but it was of no use to him when he discovered that it was written in Braille.

Even after Eli was shot, he continued to walk to fulfill his mission. Once he fulfilled his mission, Solar had been equipped with the knowledge to not only survive, she proved that she was a disciple who was now able to take on her own mission as well.

Question 4. What mental, emotional, or spiritual reactions did you have to the movie?

Do you agree with any worldview that the movie presents? Why or why not? While watching this movie, I had a spiritual connection to it because t showed just how good and dedicated his disciples were to God.

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