baderman island swott analysis

Baderman Island recreation was started by the Boardman Management Group in 1994, the mission of the company is dedicated to the leisure that it provides along with having the staff that currently work there the have quality that is unsurpassed through random kindness and also the specialty services that they provide. The owners of the property started earlier with trying to do what they can with the resort, from when the land was acquired and the different stages that it went through in order to become the resort.

The company is able to provide a resort and offer the amenities that they do, makes them a prime place for anyone that would like to relax and also enjoy themselves on a little getaway. A company that holds the values of the staff to make guests comfortable have to hire a good staff in order to make sure that the stay will be an enjoyable one for all that come through the resort. The resort offers good dining and also other things while there which makes the company stand out if there are repeat visitors and visitors that have come to the resort in order to have a good experience and relax.

The management team seems to be taking care of things from a top organizational level in order to offer the quality service that they do and in the manner in which they do so. Organization Structure Baderman Island managed by the Boardman Management Group is an all-inclusive self-contained resort. This resort offers many amenities all each of the three hotels located on the island possess a functional leadership structure which involves all the employees’ expertise to run smoothly without effort.

The Boardman Management Group understands that to run a company, implementing an organizational structure based on the size is best suited by the use of a traditional organization one encompassing a functional structure, is effective in the success of this company. Functional Structure The size of this company is best managed by this type of organization structure. Because the company has a board at the helm, the decisions are made from a centralized location. However, all decisions are disseminated to the functional managers within each hotel locations.

The important aspect of this organization is the decisions are made from the top to the bottom. The Board receives feedback from clients and staff members, and then determines the best plan of action. The key position in this organization such as, the management is the Board of Directors within Boardman Management Group. The decisions are made by the board. Although the Baderman family owns shares in the company, the management group runs the operations of the resort. Although the resort requires managers, supervisors, customer service, etc. the management group makes the decisions.

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