annotated bibliography for a very old man with enormous wings by gabriel garcia marquez

  • Quinn, David. “Detective Plotting” in Garcia Marquez “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings.”, Eureka Studies In Teaching Short Fiction, v2 n1 p.50-60 Fall 2001

Quinn analyzes the short story by Marquez from positions of formal logic and attempts to use critical approach to understanding the plot of the story. He notices, that throughout the story Marquez in no way demonstrates his own attitude to the events and writes as if he was writing an epic saga with simple words. Thusly, concludes Quinn, the point of Marquez was to involve the reader to the story and allow himher make hishers own conclusions. The task of Marquez is only to provide information for thinking and thinking itself depends on the reader.

  • Dana Gioia. “Gabriel García Márquez and Magic Realism”. Sniper Logic No. 6. 1998

In her essay Gioia attempts to interpret the writing by Marquez in terms of magical realism – a new trend in literature critic. She relates the story to other works by Marquez as well as other writers such as Kafka. After a brief summary of the story Gioia concludes, that the story is to be understood exactly using magical realism. Marquez creates a “blank screen” and allowes reader to draw on it.

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