animal testing argumentative

Argumentative paper

Does the lack of intelligence of animals have give humans the freedom to inflict pain and suffering on them? According to Charles Darwin a famous and award winning naturalist “Intelligence is based on how efficient a species became at doing the things they need to survive.” Darwin was born and raised in Shropshire, England where he studied biological evolution. His 55 years of studying nature and the “food chain” led him to a research based philosophy that only the strong survive. This is because all species are different and the ones that evolve faster with more knowledge have the right to do whatever necessary to keep evolution moving even if that means using less intelligent species as disposables. Darwin did exactly that; He used animals for medical testing which eventually led to some of the most amazing and exciting scientific breakthroughs ever made. Animal testing is a very controversial topic today and Many people might believe that all species are equal and should be treated as such. If we lived by this thought during the past hundred years our quality of life and knowledge would not be anywhere near as advanced as we are today. Without it our society would still be struggling with deadly and painful diseases that can easily be treated with the right medicine. Animals inability to evolve faster than humans limit their respect status. History has proved that animals and other inferior species are here for our survival and until they can start to speak and be intelligent enough to contribute to our society I believe Pointless acts like animal abuse out of anger or rage are morally wrong but inflicting pain on animals for the right reasons like medical testing is okay because of the health benefits it can have for our current and future society.
Animal testing is normally used to test many different items before introducing them to humans in case there are sever reactions or problems that can occur. This protects human…

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