analysis of the performance of datastream technology

DataStream Technology Sdn Bhd besides known as DST was established April 1995, Due to big population in Brunei it is one of the large private communicating services in Brunei Darussalam. It has many subdivisions located in four territories. DST provides nomadic communications services for local and foreign communities in Brunei. It has two bundles for users, one station paid which is called Prima, and the other service is by prepaid which is called ‘Easi ‘ card. In 2005 the company updated its nomadic communicating services to 3.5 HSDPA ( high velocity downlink package entree ) and seting it position to par with the worldwide services. The service provides video calls, internet entree, MMS besides known as Multimedia Services and many more.

DST besides provides other merchandises other than nomadic communicating services. Hence, DST is besides called DST group because it has many channel under one company such as

Incomm ( Integrated Communications Sdn Bhd )

It provides one halt Centre that provides all the telephone gear from nomadic phones to telephony services.

Fas Com ( DST Technical Services Sdn Bhd )

It is a local web communications supplier and reseller of trunked bipartisan wirelesss ( push-to-talk )

Kristal Astro ( Kristal ASTRO Sdn Bhd )

It is the exclusive operator of Brunei ‘s multi-channel wage telecasting services.

Zippi ( DST payphone Shd Bhd )

It provides Zippi prepaid phone cards and booths which uses the GSM engineering.

DST Multimedia ( DST Multimedia Sdn Bhd )

It is the first private licensed cyberspace services in Brunei it offers station paid and postpaid card and lease line cyberspace entree services.

Kristal Media ( Kristal Media Sdn Bhd )

It involves in the designed production and selling of ware.

There are factors that can impact the company in the short and long term which influence the type of schemes and policies. The factors are PESTEL intending Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environment and Legal factors.

Political Factors

Political factor is something that happens politically with respects to revenue enhancement policy, employment jurisprudence and many more. These refer to the authorities policy to protect their ain state, and supply goods and services to other state in term of trading, import and export concerns.

The factors include, for illustration,

current and future revenue enhancement policy

Tax policy ( corporate and consumer )

industrial safety ordinances

Businesss are affected by a authorities ‘s revenue enhancement policy ( e.g. corporation and consumer revenue enhancement ) the higher the involvement rate the cost of investing and depress consumer demand for recognition. If the authorities keeps on increasing the revenue enhancement it will impact the concern of the company and if the authorities apply revenue enhancement to corporate it will increase the sum of the merchandise. To be able to pay the revenue enhancement to the authorities the company will increase the premium to certain merchandises and this will derive more net incomes to the company.

Governments are responsible for implementing and making a stable model in which concern can be done. Example DST will increase the sum of purchasing the postpaid card the normal monetary value for the postpaid card is $ 30 due to revenue enhancement and others DST can increase the sum to $ 55 per card. And besides for the use of the nomadic phone alternatively of 0.20 cents per minute they can increase it up to 0.30 cents per minute this same goes to the other merchandises of DST. This is how affect the concern when the authorities increase the corporate revenue enhancement.

Economic Factors

Economic factors are affected by the dynamic conditions and concern rhythms. There are legion economic factors impacting concerns, that have to be considered and steps must be taken up, to minimise their impact. Government has set up economic policies to supervise its state by pecuniary and financial policies to promote and command the concern.

The factors include, for illustration,

Economic growing

Unemployment rate

Business rhythm phase ( e.g. prosperity, recession, recovery )

As mentioned above, economic growing will impact the concern by giving chance of developing more in term of DST opening new subdivisions and it can avoid unemployment rate and it can protect the economic stableness, when the DST employ more people it can avoid from recession. When it comes to rising prices it will impact the rewards, the company and the productiveness. It will upset the concern rhythm. The economic system will act upon the planning procedure of DST. In times of roar, the overall planning intents will be to place the demand. Conversely, in times of recession, the importance will switch to cost-effectiveness go oning profitableness, endurance and competition.

DST nomadic communicating services sold bundles to different socio-economic groups. It has assortment of picks particularly on the station paid program. The picks are between $ 35.00 to $ 165.00 monthly based on the single demands and income degree.

Social-cultural Factors

Social-cultural factor is the attitudes of people which provide construction within an administration works. There are many alterations in the attitudes and beliefs of society have taken topographic point has clip past. Businesss have to supervise about the alterations in the societal environment and to take immediate action for their concern to turn. The societal and cultural influences on concern vary from state to state. It is really of import that such factors are considered.

Culture in its sense is a mark of the imposts, art, establishments and attainment of a state, people and group. Each society has its ain civilization so Brunei civilization differs from Chinese civilization and so on. Within each society, there are many civilization groups.

The factors include


Population wellness, instruction and societal mobility

Lifestyle picks

Manners and crazes

Populating conditional

From the above factors it is an of import input into economic and concern planning by people create demand for goods and services for illustration as yearss past by people are more demanding in new progress merchandise and services hence DST is supplying what the client wants. Economic growing should transcend population growing for improved criterion of life. Factors that influence the company ‘s schemes and policies are employment by human ecology at the company. When kids in the population will finally make working age, and if they can happen employment, it will get down to lend to the state ‘s economic wealth nevertheless, if they can non happen work they will stay dependent so it will go more serious if more unemployment for a house or state it will increase high rate of economic growing and the company will endure from non adequate employee.

For cultural nomadic services with advanced engineering can entree internet through nomadic phone for adolescent the western influence can alter the Brunei civilization can easy act upon by the western life style which wholly differ from Brunei life style.

DST besides sells different sorts of nomadic phone with the latest design and engineering hence, it besides has assortment of picks it will depend from the purchaser demands and wants and lifestyle picks.

Technological Factors

As old ages pass there are fast growings of engineering, and administrations must acquire used to themselves and their activities to it. Technological promotions promote company to spread out and to bring forth more merchandises or to better the bing 1s. It is frequently cited the cause of alteration, but it is of import to gain what we can intend by the word. Technology is critical for competitory advantages, and is major driver of globalisation.

The factors include

Changes in Mobile engineering

Speed of engineering velocity

Impact of emerging engineerings ( new finds and development )

This can impact the company technologies alteration by cut downing production cost and so to cut down gross revenues monetary values to client excessively hence people are more rapidly to accommodate with the engineering. It can derive better quality merchandise and services if the company can follow the latest engineering. Particularly in the nomadic communicating services they need to upgrade themselves in order to pull more clients and to derive more net income since people are more into engineering presents. Technological alteration can be planned for the development schemes for improved productiveness and for merchandise development. When it comes to latest engineering DST is the 1 who change the services efficaciously so that they wo n’t be out dated.

Environmental Factors

Environmental factor is about what go on to the environment around us. With the consequence of the temperature or clime alterations this will impact some industries such as agribusiness, touristry, insurance and telecommunication services. Somehow if there is a major clime alteration due to planetary heating and with external factor ‘s of larger environmental consciousness this become one of the of import issue for company to see. Many industries applied environmental friendly merchandises for illustration by utilizing reclaimable bags, paperless and many more and processes is impacting demand form and making concern chances.

The factors include

Global heating

Environmental issues

The degree of pollution created by the merchandise or service

Above factors will act upon the company by making consciousness of how of import environment in such a large company particularly DST they will cut down use of the paper by traveling online for illustration station paid measure payment they encourage people to utilize on-line services to pay payment to look into the latest measure instead than directing the measures every month to their mailing services. This will diminish the sum pollution making by the company. It shows that the company is truly attentions about the environmental issues. DST will present the traveling green by advertisement from the wireless or by streamer, as they are seeking to promote and do the client understand.

Legal Factors

Legal factors are to avoid any favoritism and disablement favoritism statute law against the echt merchandises. It will increase the minimal pay and greater demands for the company to recycle of comparatively recent Torahs that consequence an administration ‘s actions. Legal alterations can salvage the environment, hence, the company can do tonss of net income from it.

The factors include

Intellectual belongings protection

Contract enforcement jurisprudence

Competition jurisprudence

There are many different types of Torahs in different states for illustration consumer jurisprudence this is to protect the clients against any misleading of the merchandise. Competition jurisprudence this is to protect little company being bullied by the large company. Employment jurisprudence is to protect the employee against the directors and wellness and safety statute law to guarantee the employee are good protected against catastrophe and to do certain that they are have oning the appropriate uniform while working.

DST is using the jurisprudence by protecting the company, employee and the merchandises. The authorities will besides protect the right of first publication of the company so that the image or the merchandises wo n’t be copy by other house illicitly this is to guarantee the use of the merchandise is safety.


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