analysis of political cartoon

Context: the context in which this article is placed is one that is well situated within today’s political and economic standings. Within the world today there is much talk about the war in Iraq and the world’s oil reserves. This cartoon looks at the very serious issue of the war in Iraq along with the world’s oil reserves and the relationship between the former US President George W.

Bush and Australia’s Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. The issue that Sean Leahy is addressing in this cartoon is the recent decision by Kevin Rudd to withdraw the Australia’s troops from Iraq and by doing so he is leaving President Bush ‘out in the cold’.With the representation of President Bush being there alone it reflects a majority feeling towards Bush that he did in fact make the wrong decision in going to Iraq in the first place. The world’s media for the last five- six years has been fixated on these kinds of stories it is hard to find a news paper in the country that would not have at least on news story about the Iraq war, so although this theme for the cartoon is an old one it is still relevant to this day and for many more years to come.

Analysis: the text that is used within these cartoons is short and straight to the point, yet it is vague in terms of what it is trying to say. I’d like to thank all my friends…” Bush, “Bye, George! ” Rudd, although these words are short they say a lot. For example by including these words along with the illustration that comes with the cartoon the author is able to expressing the view that he is trying to get across which is the fact that although Bush is trying to express the fact that he has allies in the war in Iraq yet with the recent withdraw of Australian troops by Rudd his allied forces are becoming smaller and smaller and the cartoon is trying to show that although some may like to think we are winning the war that the west is far from succeeding.The way in which Leahy draws and talks about the war and oil within his cartoon is a great example of the worlds position today and with his use of metaphors through the cartoon he is able to really express this even more.

By have both Bush and Rudd holding weapons in the image this shows their power over the world. Another metaphor that has been used within this cartoon is the fact Bush is drawn in darker/ gloomier colours that reflect his ‘over’ image where as Rudd is drawn with more brighter/ clearer colours that reflect his new to power status.This cartoon is greatly reflecting the attitudes, values and beliefs of many people from all over the world and although many would be too afraid to do something like this to bring it to peoples attention Leahy wasn’t. The concept behind this message is one that is used and manipulated a lot these days and by expressing the concept through this form of media Leahy has been able to get his message across to those who would like to understand it whilst providing something for those who might not have been able to acknowledge this meaning before to think about.

Cartoon Two: Showing Real Leadership on Solving The Petrol Crisis… [pic] Leahy, S. (2010) Showing Real Leadership on Solving The Petrol Crisis…. Retrieved 28th May 2010, http://www. news.

com. au/couriermail/ Context: One of the biggest issues that exist within the global society today is the rising cost of living with the biggest and most controversial issue being that of raising fuel prices. This cartoon also features into the first cartoon as the ‘reason’ behind the rising cost of fuel being the fact that there is the war in Iraq.The frame in which this cartoon is put together reflects not only the anger that the nation feels towards to rising fuel cost but also the anger the nation feels towards the government for not acting on this issue.

This article reflects that anger and the fact that the government refuses to listen to the public when it comes to this issue and finally the fact that the government say one thing yet ignore this issue. Analysis: whilst this cartoon does look at a range of information and detailed issues the main theme is the fuel prices that exist within the nation at the moment.Families throughout Australia are facing difficulties and the rising cost of living and fuel prices are not helping so they want the government to do something about it and help fix this problem yet the government continues to ignore this problem and this is not going unnoticed by the public and Leahy is expressing the anger aimed at the government from the public. “AT LAST! Showing Real Leadership on Solving the Petrol Crisis…” is the statement that is used within the cartoon and by having the first part of the statement ‘AT LAST! in bold letters it represents Leahy’s and the publics frustration at the government over the price hike.

The words are also important aspects of the imagery of the cartoon as they show how even though the government might say they are looking in to it and fixing it by showing Rudd standing next to a bus stop waiting to catch a bus shows the fact that the government isn’t really fixing the problem of rising fuel prices by making them lower for example they are just encouraging the public to use alternative ways of transportation.Through Leahy using the general publics attitudes, values and beliefs he is able to show the pain and anger that the general public is feeling towards the government. Through using metaphors with regard to an issue that is controversial and increasingly talked about in local and national media outlets Leahy has been able to draw a reader in and highlight to real issues that needs addressing, that being the need for the government to act. This has been done by using Rudd’s image as the person waiting at the bus stop instead of just anyone from the general public.

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