analysis of new sand making machine equipment characteristics and technical advantages

Sand making machine is gravel plant essential equipment, the performance advantage creates broad market system sand making machine. Now, with the incoming national infrastructure projects boom, mechanism of sand will be used more widely, so new system sand machine have what characteristics and advantagesFirst, try to understand the working principle of a new type sand making machine, the material into the hopper sand making machine, the center feeding hole into the high-speed rotation of the swing wheel, was rapidly accelerated in the swinging wheel, the acceleration of up to tens of times the acceleration of gravity, then high speed from the swinging wheel injective, first for another part of the material and anti bomb free falling impact, and then with the impact to the material lining layer (stone dozen stone) or counter block (hot stone), bounced oblique impact to the top of the vortex chamber, and changes its direction of motion, deflection downward movement, and shot out from the impeller material impact to form a continuous material curtain. In this way, a material crushing cavity under two times to multiple probability impact, friction and grinding effect on the eddy current. The material being broken by the lower discharge outlet.
1, Compared with the traditional equipment and under the same power, large volume, high yield treatment, yield increased 30% and stable.
2, product grain shape excellent product is cube, grain shape, reasonable gradation composition, fineness modulus can be adjusted;
3, the vulnerability of consumption is low, the cavity shape design reasonable, reduce direct contact between the material and the wearing parts, reduce the abrasion wearing parts of greater.
4, hydraulic cover opening device, the replacement of wearing parts more convenient.
5, thin oil lubrication, automatic maintenance – thin oil transmission has the advantages of high transmission efficiency, good cooling effect and other oil transmission can’t be…

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