analysis of fifth business by robertson davies english literature essay

Fifth Business, a fresh written by Robertson Davies approaches the journey to heroic life by the agencies of the corporate unconscious and the originals. In this, both the supporter, Dunstable ( Dunstan ) Ramsay, and Percy Boyd ( Boy ) Staunton encounter many constructs sing the human unconscious, peculiarly that of their ain. Similarly, in the film, Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein maintains a life of instability as a consequence of the neglect of his unconscious ego. In each state of affairs, these characters repress what they see as unimportant or unappreciated qualities, for these are perceived as their “ bad sides ” . Therefore, it becomes clear that in order to accomplish the epic life, one must confront his personal Satan.

Similar to Dunstan, Boy Staunton is besides involved in the sweet sand verbena incident sing Mary Dempster. Although both he and Dunstan know the truth, male child denies it, for he says to Dunstan, “ I threw a sweet sand verbena at you [ aˆ¦ ] and I guess it gave you a good slap ” ( 14 ) . Therefore, his interior guilt is forced into his unconscious, going his shadow. However, alternatively of confronting his shadow, he surrounds himself with stuff points. For illustration, Dunstan states, “ He was more of import than of all time, for every bit good as his fiscal involvements, which were immense, he was a public figure, prominent in many philanthropic causes and even a few artistic 1s, as these became stylish ” ( 227 ) . Although he has everything in respects to the material life, he is about unable to confront any troubles in his personal life. Therefore, going the retaliation of the unlived life for Boy. This is apparent when Dunstan confronts him sing the sweet sand verbena for the concluding clip. However, this clip Dunstan reveals the truth, for he shows Boy a rock and says, “ It is the rock you put in the sweet sand verbena you threw at Mrs. Dempster ” ( 250 ) . Not merely does Dunstan uncover this, but he besides forces Boy to understand that “ The stone-in-the-snowball has been characteristic of excessively much [ he has ] done for [ him ] to bury it everlastingly ” ( 250 ) . This confrontation forces Boy to confront his shadow, which can besides be seen as his personal Satan. At this clip, Boy continues to populate in denial ; nevertheless, the following forenoon he is announced dead with Dunstan ‘s rock in his oral cavity. In this, it is clear that Boy ne’er reaches epic life, for one time his shadow rises to his witting life, he is rapidly defeated by his Satan.

Victor Frankenstein has a life extremely focused on survey ; nevertheless, love maintains a little piece of his life for Elizabeth. Elizabeth represents his interior female personality, which becomes known as his anima. In the event of his female parent ‘s decease, Victor sees himself as an orphan, triping his demand for self-exploration. In making this, Victor continues to concentrate on his surveies at a university, while disregarding his anima. His surveies are based on his female parent ‘s decease, for he aims to make life without decease. It is here that Victor ‘s hubris becomes overpowering, for although he is warned, he takes no advice. As he continues with his surveies, he creates a monster, who he does non call and, finally, ignores. In add-on, the monster becomes publically rejected. Merely one wise old adult male is sort adequate to indicate out to him that “ adult male should n’t populate in the shadows ” ( Frankenstein, 2004 ) , for the monster becomes Victor ‘s shadow because he continually ignores him. After the monster takes the first measure of retaliation by killing Victor ‘s household, Victor enters a cave, symbolically stand foring his descent into his unconscious. It is here that he comes face to face with the shadow, who explains, “ You gave me all these emotions, but you did n’t state me how to utilize them ” ( Frankenstein, 2004 ) . This brush with his personal Satan allows Victor to see that it is love that he holds deep in his unconscious, and he attempts to retain his love with Elizabeth. However, since he has neglected her, and the monster shows more love toward her, Elizabeth is taken by Victor ‘s shadow as his concluding retaliation of the unlived life. He is obviously defeated by his personal Satan and left without any of the truly of import things he one time had. Therefore, Victor is besides unable to obtain the epic life, for it is excessively late for compunction.

Ultimately, non one of these characters reaches the epic life, for each of them are unable to obtain a balance of both their witting and unconscious ego. In respects to Fifth Business, it is clear that one should non merely populate on the out of boundss as Dunstan does all his life, nor should one populate a life of complete ignorance like Boy. Alternatively, it is necessary to see both facets to avoid any unlived life. Addressing Boy ‘s decease, the Brazen Head provinces, “ He was killed by the usual faction: by himself, foremost of all ; by the adult female he knew ; by the adult female he did non cognize ; by the adult male who granted his innermost want ; and by the inevitable fifth, who was keeper of his scruples and keeper of the rock ” ( 252 ) . This statement is further explained when Liesl asks Dunstan to fall in her and the Brazen Head “ [ aˆ¦ ] before The Five make terminal of us all ” ( 252 ) , intending that we are all killed by this usual faction. This proves that it is of import to populate all facets of one ‘s life while it is possible. Similar can be said for Victor Frankenstein, for if he merely acknowledges the facets he pushes to his unconscious Oklahoman, he would non go on life in this unhappy mode. Therefore, epic life requires one to admit all facets of oneself, both the good and bad.

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