An evaluation of one of the technology trends or devices you found most interesting in your readings.

An evaluation of one of the technology trends or devices you found most interesting in your readings. Identify the source in which you read about it and provide a link. Then, analyze at least two ethical issues you believe might be connected with or result from this trend. 3-4 paragraphs

An analysis of what you think is the most pertinent health care policy issue with the potential to transform the way health care is delivered. Include in your analysis a rationale for implementation of a policy brief from a legal, ethical, and operational perspective. Be specific and provide examples. 3-4 paragraphs

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The new trends that have been identified within the healthcare industry will be discussed briefly, but these do not include the entire list as there are too many trends to discuss in one summary. In reference to the most important trend that will occur in the following years if the ACA or Obamacare is not repealed, is that most healthcare organizations will be required to adapt and implement new payment models as this will require an overhaul of the healthcare organizations’ entire payment approach and model. The healthcare outcomes of the organization’s patient’s will become the defining culture in terms of whether the organization is recognized as a quality institution.

There will be a necessitated focus on post-acute care wherein the healthcare organization will be required to adapt bundled payment models of healthcare payments to ensure that the healthcare organization is capable of establishing a preferred network that will allow the organization to repurpose it to incorporate more post-acute providers into its payment systems model.

Another healthcare trend that will continue to occur is the increased push of retail giants within the nontraditional industry of providing care such as CVS and Walgreens/Rite-Aid will continue to threaten hospitals in regard to providing care delivery to patients that will detract away from the profits of hospitals. Mobile healthcare apps, telehealth,

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