an analysis of the iliad essay sample

The Iliad is one of the most prized pieces of Western Literature because of the illustriousness of the narrative. The assortment of the Olympic Gods in Greek mythology offers a figure of different personalities. Unlike the conventional definition of an omnipotent. omniscient and benevolent of God. the Olympians had their ain personalities and acted based on their judgement and frequently by their emotions.

The spat of the goddesses caused the war between the two city states. Such actions resulted to the war between the Trojans and the Achaeans. When Aprodite. Hera and Athena were quibbling over who was the fairest in all the land they all chose Paris and from there the inquiry of Helen came approximately. The cause of the war in hindsight stemmed from these three goddesses and as such one of the greatest heroic poem narratives came approximately.

It is rather obvious that in Greek mythology the Gods didn’t merely sit back and watch the universe unfold. They themselves participated in the mundane lives of the persons. Particularly Lord Zeus. the God of boom and the male parent of the Gods. who frequently came to Earth and seduced adult females. Even in the Iliad. Thetis. the female parent of Achilles was one of the adult females pursued by the boom God. Thetis. a sea nymph or lesser goddesses of the oceans. pleaded to Zeus for the protection of her boy. Achilles. This greatly affected their opportunities in the war ( 1: 684-700 ) .

Yes. the Gods and goddesses of Olympus were more than proactive in their engagement in the personal businesss of person. Chryses pleaded with Apollo to assist him because Agamemnon was keeping his girl. Apollo did non believe twice about penalizing the Grecian forces. this is an illustration of the fondness of the God prefering loyal topics. In such graphic descriptions. “Marched in his choler ; shaken as he moved. His rattle pointers told of his attack. ” . one does non misidentify that the Gods and goddesses of Olympus frequently let their emotions overcome their logic. ( 1:45-60 ) . Neutrality isn’t something that the Olympians seem to certify to or profess as the whole Trojan War was frequently played by the regulations of the Gods.

The Olympians frequently use their reverent powers in carrying and act uponing persons. Some even go every bit far as haling them and doing them make what they do non desire to. In book 13 of the Iliad. Poseidon transformed into Calchas and persuaded the Greeks to force through with the war. He helped them raise their liquors and morale. This event helped in non merely turning the tides of war but at the same clip contributed to the high triumph of the Greeks.

Make the Gods work against the mortals’ free will? Yes. though it differs in grade but frequently clip in one manner or another they affect how persons go with their lives.

In fact. this is one of the many pervading rules in Greek mythology and frequently the narratives involve the engagement of the Gods. However. they do non hold monopoly over destiny. as it is entirely the functions of another set of God who protect the destiny of the persons. The Olympians are doubtless one of the drive forces in the Iliad.

Their engagement in the war paints them as non merely Gods but instead as of import characters in Greek mythology. Athena. Hera. Zeus. Poseidon and Apollo played of import functions that one manner or another affected the lives of the persons take parting in the war. Sadly. their actions frequently affect the lives of persons negatively and spell harmful effects.

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