advantages and disadvantages of being female

TOPIC: Advantages and Disadvantages of Being Female.

Religiously or otherwise the story of creation encompasses both male and female, however, more specifically the religious- Christian story of creation says a woman was created from a mans rib, this tells a lot today’s world that is globally changing and advancing in all aspects including the relationships that exit between fellow human beings themselves, like the case of male and female relationships and recognition which constitute social life. For instance when one walks down the road you hear a lot of things said by different people in their different opinions, things like “life is sweet”, “things are very difficult”, “ I feel like crying”, “I wish I was a man”, some say “I wish I was a woman”. All these comments originate curtsy the good and bad side of life. Today, be female could be advantageous yet could command some disadvantages ranging from the way one thinks, talk, the way people appreciate and consider you. The pains one may feel physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Being female in a world which is continuously changing and demanding could be very difficult at times and very easy in some cases. The advantage of being female includes a lot of things.

Females have a wonderful self support system. There are a number of things female do to pick them selves up again that men don’t have the privilege of doing. Also exists a number of pampering techniques that women use in putting themselves back together especially those who like to be spoilt could simply pick themselves up again by making a call to several close friends who will be at the door fully armed with sympathy , chocolate and even more, quicker than you say “so what your evening like?”

 According to (Lizzy Gay, 2005) “Women are more tuned to emotions than men and find it easier to express themselves. While most men wouldn’t be caught dead crying in public, let alone in front of their partners.” Women will find a number reasons to burst into tears be it out of frustrations or for emotional reasons. But one aspect of crying men haven’t discovered or mastered is that in an argumentative situation, it can be used as a tool to get your way out or to prove a point “but case that all effect fails try turning out the water works”

A definite advantage of been female is the option to wear make up which really comes in handy. When you are having an off day. Make up can serve two purposes: It can enhance a woman’s natural beauty or it can disguise those occasional flaws in the skin or the after effects of last nights partying.

Women unfortunately have to suffer and endure the uncomfortable and often painful experience of having periods and with that, there are associated emotions and mood swings. A clear disadvantage over males, some may say, but it could be also perceived as an advantage. Women unlike men have an excuse to be cranky, unreasonable or even impossible at times an occasionally they milk it for its worth. Just by being female she automatically has a reason for being irritable.

Disadvantages are too numerous, frequently you hear men say; “it’s a mans world” really it is a world dominated by men. Even when women get married the men seem to dominate all activities of the family. Even in the larger society men dominate – in working sectors and so on. Most frequently women are sexually blackmailed for favors especially for employment purposes. While the men never receive such harassments.

Despite the appearances that women are gaining in their options, their status has remained unchanged. This is because society still clings to traditional conventions in which women are supposed to stay inside the home. Furthermore, young women are expected to maintain harmony among their group-at home or in the office-by suppressing their individual personalities. To get out of this setup is difficult because daily life is so deeply immersed in such conventions.

Market research reveals that female things are more expensive than that of the men. Female cloths are about two and a halve times more expensive than that of men; furthermore, women suffer most infections. Yeast infections and other things of the like. It is a fact that 75% of all women will get a yeast infection at least once in their lives. As if not enough, if a woman has a nice body and men are talking to her, chances are that they are not interested in her brains but her rack. Women also go through an awful experience in life called labor. The needs to visit gynecologists are a tiring experience.

It is not as if men do not have they own disadvantages or advantages; it is just that women constitute the greatest part of attraction on earth. They simply make life interesting.


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