abylity to interpret and analyze material and make justified decisions from the analysis

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA’s) KRASKO, Brian G Veterans Service Representative (GS-0996-07) 039-54-0641 Element 1: Ability to interpret and analyze material and make well-justified decisions from the analysis. As a Claims Assistant with the VA I am in charge of reviewing files for completeness and creating a Claims Establishment or CEST in the computer. A CEST is a tracking tool that the VA uses to track Veteran’s claims. I have to review C-files to make sure that proper CESTing happens and make sure the claim is moving in the proper workflow.

I also have to review incoming mail to see if changes need to happen to the claim. Once the review of mail is complete then I associate the mail to the claim file. Everyday I use computer programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel to create shipping request, manifests, and other reports part of my daily workflow. I also use other programs such as Microsoft Outlook and Veteran Benefits Applications like COVERs, a file tracking program, on a daily basis to determine that proper and well-justified decisions are made. As a retail manager at GameStop and Finishline I was in charge of receiving incoming shipment.

I had to review the shipping manifest making sure that everything that was on it was there. After using the computer to receive the shipment I then had to make sure it got put out on the sales floor as needed. I was also in charge of inventory at Finishline. Every Sunday I would go through the entire shoe inventory looking for errors. Reviewing inventory sheets and making necessary adjustments. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA’s) KRASKO, Brian G Veterans Service Representative (GS-0996-07) 039-54-0641

Element 2: Ability to effectively communicate orally. In the army I was a Drill Sergeant in charge of training soldiers from all different backgrounds and different levels of understanding. I would have to lead instruction of warrior tasks and drills to groups of soldiers upwards of 200 people. I would also have to do end of phase written counseling for 30 plus soldiers in my platoon. As a Claims Assistant at the VA communication is a critical part of my job. Whether it is by phone, email, or person-to-person I communicate efficiently to everyone in the office.

I move file and associate mail with claims this requires me to communicate with Triage and other file clerks. I ship high priority cases and other brokered work which requires me to communicate with upper management. I also have to talk with other regional offices via email or phone in order to achieve company goals and standards. As a retail manager I had to communicate properly to customers the features and benefits of the product I was selling. As a student of Rhode Island College I minored in Communications This KSA is related to Item # 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 of my work experience This KSA is related to my Communications minor

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA’s) KRASKO, Brian G Veterans Service Representative (GS-0996-07) 039-54-0641 Element 3: Ability to effectively work with others in a team environment. As a Claims Assistant at the Providence VA regional office, I am part of the DES team. DES or Disability Evaluation System team is a high priority team where we rate disability claims for seriously injured veterans prior to the discharge from the military. I work closely with all members of the team to include but not limited to the Raters, Veteran Service Representatives, and upper management.

As a Claims Assistant I make sure claim files or C-files are where they need to be, when they need to be there. Making sure everything is in the file and getting it to the right place or person to make it a ready to rate claim. This work also takes a lot of working independently. I am tasked multiple times a week to drive high priority cases to other offices such as the Boston, MA and Hartford, CT for DES support. I work here with little supervision and I am usually the first stop in the problem solving process in my office.

As a Non-Commissioned Officer or NCO in the United States Army National Guard I work with many teams from the lowest level of squad to company and battalion levels. As a Drill Sergeant I worked with a team or Drills to instruct and mold future soldiers. We where also expected to operate independently with very little supervision from upper leadership. We instructed on many different things such as basic Army tasks and skills. As a Soldier we are expected to be managers and take care of the soldiers under us, as a team leader in Afghanistan I took care of three Soldiers under me.

I was part of a route Clearance Patrol or RCP team that went out early in the morning and cleared major roads of road bombs and other blockages. In the army working together as a team or individually was very important and lives depended on it. As a Retail Assistant Manager for Finishline and GameStop I worked on a sales team ensuring that all workers were using good sales habits. This KSA is related to Item # 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 of my work experience Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA’s) KRASKO, Brian G Veterans Service Representative (GS-0996-07) 039-54-0641

Element 4: Ability to determine priorities and successfully balance conflicting demands. As a Claims Assistant at the Providence Regional Office, I am tasked with many priorities through out the week. Making sure they get completed in a timely manor is my everyday. When receiving a new project or work I do a quick review of who, what, where, and why. I take a look into the file and see what type of flashes; physical and digital are on it. Then I look at what needs to be done. Some things like shipping and filing have allotted time in my day to be completed.

I also take into factor how long it will take to complete, and where this request comes from. All work goes through my quick analysis to be put into my workflow. As the most senior CA on the DES team I am leaned on a lot to help with balancing conflicting demands from the team’s coaches. Often I also have to look at my peers’ workload and see if the task at hand would better get completed in their hands. As a retail Assistant Manager in both Finishline and GameStop I was usually given daily and weekly task in addition to running the sales floor.

Some of these tasks were, but not limited to inventory counts, store cleaning, register counts, and marketing. These tasks were always secondary to the customer, but by the end of the week they needed to be completed. Sometimes performing these tasks in and around the busy times was part of my job. I as the manager was also in charge of making sure that the conflicting demands of the week got completed, by assigning them to employees. This KSA is related to Item # 1, 2, and 3 of my work experience

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