abigail williams character analysis of the crucible

Abigail Williams ruined the lives of many people. She was a troublemaker and throughout the story she causes much commotion in the town of Salem by accusing many innocent people of witchcraft. She was very self-centered and didn’t even consider the problems of the people she implicated.

Abigail Williams was an ignominious teenager that used personal vengeance to fulfill her sense of entitlement.Abby was a bitter adolescent that turned on many people to get what she wanted. She accused Elizabeth Proctor of witchcraft because she desired her husband John and knew the only way to get him was to get rid of Elizabeth. Not only was she bitter, but she was clever also.

She stuck a needle in a poppet Elizabeth received as a gift; then she stuck herself in the same spot and held Elizabeth accountable for that action. It’s obvious how jealous Abby is of Elizabeth and throughout the story she continues to make malicious actions towards anyone who stands in her way. She betrayed Mary Warren when she tried to tell the truth by claiming she was hurting her. She bellowed, “Why do you come down yellow bird?,” to trick the judges into thinking Mary was using witchcraft on her.

Abby had many pernicious traits about her as we can tell. She was the complete opposite of Rebecca Nurse, a caring honest Christian that only meant well. From beginning to end Abigail never noticed her faults and by no means changed her misguided ways. “There be no blush about my name,” she remarked in the beginning of the story to establish how flawless she really thought she was.

Abby thought she deserved John so much, as I stated earlier, that she twisted the minds of many people to get what she wanted. Abigail Williams does a great job of illustrating the complications that can be evoked by telling a lie. One lie can destroy a life. Abby starts by telling a few lies and she ends up killing so many innocent people.

Abigail Williams was an audacious adolescent that used her own personal vengeance to get what she though she deserved. She started the trials by telling lies to many people and making them believe her. She truly desired only one person and because of it she wouldn’t let anyone stand in her way.Abby never got what she wanted; she only created a huge mess in the town of Salem.

Abigail Williams teaches everyone that being honest is always the path that should be chosen because lying only causes chaos.

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