1. How important is ethics in healthcare?

Please provide 2 pages providing introduction, answering the questions below, and conclusion. Please provide at least 3 references that do not include websites.

1. How important is ethics in healthcare?

2. What laws are in place to protect a patient’s health information?

3. What sanctions are put in place for violators?

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The topics of ethics and the protection of patient health information is vitally important to the overall health care paradigm, due to the fact that it is important that patients within the healthcare industry are protected from any type of on ethical breaches of confidentiality etc. These topics are very prominent in today’s health care paradigm and among the general public, due to the fact that they have been ethical breaches as well as breaches in the confidentiality of patient health information, which has led to detrimental circumstances for patients as well as healthcare providers in some cases. These factors make these topics very important areas of consideration and discussion for concerned individuals.

Ethics is very important in healthcare, largely due to the fact that the health and well-being of patients or clients largely depend upon the ethical decision-making of their healthcare providers. Due to these factors, it is crucially important that healthcare providers as well as administrators and insurance insure that they carry out their activities in an ethical and just manner, in order to ensure that the health and well-being of their patients or clients are taken care of in the most expeditious and …,,,,,,,,,,PLACE ORDER FOR A COMPLETE AND CUSTOMIZED ANSWER,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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